Sparkle T’s big triumph

It took Sparkle T seven long years to capture the Junior Monarch title but the victory was just as sweet when she realized her dream last Saturday night at the junior calypso finals at Kensington Oval. It couldn’t have been a better way for the 18-year-old to exit the junior competition.

Sparkle T’s self-penned song, This Golden Chain,  along with an expert performance that featured dancers and stilt walkers, earned her 86 points from the judges. The audience, however, had her in the winner’s circle long before and was chanting her name and waving various Caribbean flags before MC Carl Alff Padmore made the announcement.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes before the official results were announced, Sparkle T said she was pleased with her performance and believed that she had a very good chance of winning.

“It was good. It went as planned and I’m happy. It’s my final year and I feel very passionate about the whole Caribbean unity thing,” she said.

“I got a little emotional because this is my last year in junior monarch. The audience enjoyed it and that’s what I’m most excited about. Once everyone loves me. I’m fine.”

New Junior Monarch Queens Mhizz Kibabba (left) and Sparkle T.

When she was officially announced as winner, Sparkle T was overcome with emotion and could not hold back the tears.

“I kind of feel relieved because after trying so long, I finally got it,” she said. “But it’s kind of bittersweet because next year, I won’t be able to defend.”

The 13-18 category of the competition was highly competitive. While many were cheering for Sparkle T to win, just as many were also cheering for De Overcomer and defending monarch De MC to take the crown.

De Overcomer, who sang Save A Child, gave an excellent rendition and performance of which he should be proud. He amassed 78 points. The intro and refrain of  “Save a child, save a child . . . don’t let tomorrow end with another suicide” tugged at the heartstrings of persons in the audience as the young calypsonian urged Barbadians to save the nation’s children.

De Overcomer’s rendition of Save a Child earned him second place.

First on stage in the 13-18 category, defending monarch De MC gave a performance that set the bar very high with his rendition of Who Mad. This was his first time performing the song publicly but one could not tell. He was comfortable on stage and the crowd loved every minute of it. His performance earned him 76 points. He too should be proud.

Defending monarch De Mc placed third in the 13-18 category.

Lady Nica, who sang Questions for De Minister, was a crowd favourite throughout the season. Her finals performance, however, was not as strong as previous performances and she had to settle for fourth place with 60 points.

Lady Nica placed fourth with her popular song Questions For De Minister.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones made an appearance during her video presentation and the crowd loved it. She too should be commended for a job well done.

First time finalist Mr Personality took home the prize for the IGM Rising Star.

Mr Personality was awarded the IGM Rising Star prize.

In the 7-12 category, first timer Mhizz Kibabba blew her competitors away and copped a total of 100 points for her performance of Bring Back the Love.

The excited 12-year-old could not get the shocked expression off her face even after she was presented with the winning  trophy.

Master Kei placed second in the 7-12 category. He tied with Browne Star.

There was a tie for second place between Browne Star who sang Don’t Pressure Me and Master Kei who sang A Child’s Plea. They both amassed 74 points.

Defending monarch in the 7-12 category Summa had to settle for fourth place.

Defending monarch Summa had to settle for fourth place for her song Potholes, which gained her 54 points. She also took the prize for Best Soca Song in that category.

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  1. Monica C September 7, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Great job by all! So much talent


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