Man warned to find a stress reliever other than marijuana

A man who claimed that he used marijuana to relax, has been warned to find another means of relieving his stress.

Nicholas O’Neal Jordan of Chapman Village, St Thomas pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis on the July 23, 2017.

Based on the facts presented in court Monday, police were patrolling Browne’s Beach on the day in question when they saw the accused acting suspiciously.

During a subsequent search of the defendant, they found cannabis seeds hidden in a blue plastic bag in Jordan’s hat. Jordan Monday owned up to possession of the controlled substance saying, “I went to do a little job and it was a little stressful so I just use it [the cannabis] to help along the day,” he said.

However Magistrate Douglas Frederick warned Jordan that if he continued to use illegal drugs, he was going to wind up in jail, to which the accused man replied that he “only smokes at his mother’s house and not in public”.

“Marijuana got your head mash up because you are not understanding what I am saying. Stop using marijuana,” Frederick cautioned, before ordering Jordan to pay a fine of $750, to be paid in two weeks, or  he must spend three months in prison.

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    Anfaani Henry July 25, 2017 at 1:36 am

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