Double trouble

Two caught with fake sponsor walk sheets

Two young men incurred the wrath of Magistrate Douglas Frederick Monday for wasting the court’s time.

Devon David Obrien Rice of King’s Village, Dayrells Road, St Michael and Lesricho Franco Lavine of Mount Standfast, St James had initially pleaded not guilty back in December 2013 to a theft-related charge arising from them having in their possession fake sponsored walk sheets.

However, Monday morning, the duo had a sudden change of heart when they appeared in the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court, much to annoyance of Frederick, who strongly lamented that the pair had opted to wait until their trial was almost over before owning up to the offence.

“This is foolishness. You carry us through a trial. You feel this is mock sport?” Frederick asked the accused men.

“I would have given you a fine or community service, but instead you drag us through a trial,” he added before telling the men, “I might have to send you up”.

However, in plea for mercy, Rice, who is known to the court, said that he unwittingly participated in the scam due to his limited education.

“It was a lady that give me the paper and ask me to help her out. If I had gone to school and learn more, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I call it a lack of reading,” Rice said.

Lavine also placed himself at the mercy of court, explaining that he had four children and a girlfriend who was pregnant with a fifth child.

However, Frederick told Lavine that his excuse was one he had heard many times over.

“How is it that every accused man has a pregnant girlfriend and yet they say we need to have more children?” the magistrate asked.

Both men were ordered to pay $1,500 in one month or spend three months in jail.

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