St James Parish Independence Committee hosts stairs challenge

Residents and fitness enthusiasts in St James turned out in the numbers on Saturday to participate in the West Terrace Stairs Challenge hosted by the St James Parish Independence Committee.

During the event, participants had their speed and endurance capabilities put to test as they undertook several challenges using the steep stairs located at 5th Avenue West Terrace.

In the end, Magistrate Graveney Bannister showed his form as he came out victorious in the male 18-59 category. He clocked the fastest time in the speed segment and then mounted the steps a further 15 times to be the ‘last man standing’ in a 30-minute endurance test; while Heather Sealy came out victorious in the speed segment of the female 18-59 category.

Chairman of the St James Parish Independence Committee Rhonda Bryan-Hutson explained that the challenge falls under a Health & Wellness Series designed by the committee for this year’s Parish Project entitled “P.I.E.C.E.S, a part of something greater”.

“This Health and Wellness Series will continue until October 2017 with a special emphasis placed on improving the mental and physical health of young persons, men and women in St James,” Bryan-Huston told Barbados TODAY.

“It will also encompass small group discussions, physical activities and community health awareness initiatives. Though not the beginning of the P.I.E.C.E.S project, the stairs challenge signalled a start to the Health and Wellness component of the project.”

She said the committee would have many more exercises like the stairs challenge because the goal is to strengthen the St James community through the collaborative exchange of education, information, training, skills and talents.

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