No new BRA policy for children

The Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) is assuring that there’s no new policy regarding its treatment of children for tax purposes.

In response to concerns raised by Independent Senator Sir Roy Trotman earlier this week, the revenue collection agency has sought to make it clear that its policy remains the same.

“Pursuant to Cap 73 Sec 38B of the Income Tax Act, a married person habitually living with his spouse can claim a deduction for not more than two children,” BRA explained.

“The Act goes on to state that a married woman habitually living with her spouse can only claim such deductions if her husband relinquishes his claim to said deductions,” it added.

Sir Roy had called on BRA to clarify its position, saying he had been informed that the state entity was currently advising parents that “where they may have thought that they could follow the maternity leave provisions and .  .  . get support for three or more children . . . there is a new instruction that is advising parents that they may be able only to get two children”.

The former union boss told the Senate on Wednesday that while he had subsequently heard that the policy was communicated in error, he was also reliably informed that some parents had received correspondence to that effect.


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