Jones laments obsession with guns

Minister of Education Ronald Jones has expressed concern about what he described as a new love affair some of the region’s youth have with guns.

And he suggested that because of “corrupt processes in our societies”, some of the most sophisticated guns could be found in the hands of these young people who then act as though they are all-powerful.

“So the idiot, the fool, the clown, gets that power against the palm of his hand and . . . he is now a God, because the potential to take life is in his grasp. These are the dichotomies within our space,” Jones said Friday as he outlined what he said were two streams of behaviour in Caribbean societies – constructive and destructive.

“Voices must be added and the contradictions must be removed from those who want to be part of the total collective. We have to change our space. We have to ensure that those who put products of destruction in our youth’s hands must be stopped,” added the outspoken minister who said authorities in Caribbean countries seemed incapable of stemming the flow of illegal guns into their territories.

Jones voiced his concerns Friday morning as he addressed the closing ceremony of the Caribbean Technical Entrepreneurship Programme (CTEP) at the Accra Beach Hotel.

The programme, financed by the World Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank, saw the participation of 164 young entrepreneurs from the Eastern Caribbean and Haiti.

Jones said while there was a set of youth who create “mayhem”, there were other sensible, rational youth, like those who participated in CTEP, who were constructing “strong pillars all across the region” as part of a new Caribbean economy and society.


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  1. Tony Waterman July 23, 2017 at 5:27 am

    Can anyone tell me why is there “PRACTICALLY”NO gun crime in Singapore ???
    Singapore — Gun Facts, Figures and the Law
    In Singapore, annual firearm homicides total

    2011: 08
    2010: 0
    2009: 0
    2008: 0
    2007: 0
    2006: 18 10
    2005: 0
    2004: 011
    2003: 0
    2000: 112
    Rate of Gun Homicide per 100,000 People
    In Singapore, the annual rate of firearm homicide per 100,000 population is

    2011: 0.004
    2010: 0.00
    2009: 0.00
    2008: 0.00
    2007: 0.00
    2006: 0.024 10
    2005: 0.00
    2004: 0.0011
    2003: 0.00
    2000: 0.0212
    1994: 0.0714
    Proportion of Homicides Committed With a Gun
    In Singapore, the percentage of homicides committed with a firearm is reported to be

    2011: 0%8
    2010: 0%
    2009: 0%
    2008: 0%
    2007: 0%
    2006: 6%
    2005: 0%
    2004: 0.0%9
    2003: 0.0%
    2000: 2.7%

    What do they know, and what have they done, that we don’t know, and has NOT Done.?????


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