More taxes in store – UPP candidate

United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St Michael North Maria Phillips has accused Government of maintaining full employment in the public service in order that there are enough Barbadians available to be taxed.

Further she said that this current wave of taxation including the recently jacked up National Social Responsibility Levy will either be kept for an extended period or new taxes introduced when Government realizes that these tolls are not working.

Phillips, and attorney-at-law, made the accusation yesterday during the UPP launch of her campaign in Eden Lodge.

“This Government has oppressed you, taxed you,” she told the small crowd.

“Government is taxing you to pay expenditure and they are holding that bucket because they still will not meet it, “ she continued “what they are doing is saying we are going to try to keep people employed, but don’t be deceived, the employment is so that you can continue to be taxed”.

“At the end of the year when they have not met that expenditure, what are they going to tell you again?… They will tax you again,”
she said.

Against the back drop of many economists including officials of the International Monetary fund advising government to cut the size of  the public service as a means of reducing expenditure, Phillips charged, “they have said ‘we need to cover a deficit’ but they are employing people  so that they could pay taxes”.

“Where there is bad administration you will not get money in the Treasury to  pay your debt, to ensure that people are going to have their basic needs,” she contended and added,  “you have a Government who does not know how to create policies that will cause the nation and the people of this nation to arise in strength.

“I want to apologize for the politicians that have used you, that have oppressed you, but that have not built you so you can be a great people and that you can put Barbados on the map.”

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