TRINIDAD – Diet pill link to Devon’s death

PORT OF SPAIN – A close friend of Devon Matthews yesterday told the T&T Guardian that Matthews had been using a variety of pills for a prolonged period.

The friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Matthews was warned many times about the abuse of these pills. He said the singer/songwriter would use a particular weight loss pill supposed to cause drastic weight loss over a short period.

He believes this practice may have well caused the rising star’s demise.

Devon Matthews

According to, in an article written by international health author Laura Ciocan, she warns about the health risks of diet pills. Ciocan said even the best diet pills could trigger a host of adverse effects. The symptoms of diet pill abuse can be uncomfortable and unpleasant causing (stomach pain, headache, vomiting) or potentially fatal (irregular heartbeat, seizures).

While social media reports stated Matthews died at the St Clair Medical Hospital while doctors tried to revive him, his friend told the T&T Guardian Matthews died after collapsing at St Mary’s College Grounds backstage.

He said during Matthews’s emceeing of Tribe’s Carnival band launch he kept walking to the backstage area every now and then patting his chest and saying it was hurting him. He said Matthews was also sweating unusually.

“At one point he just could not make and he told (Ancil Issac Jr) Blaze something and came backstage and sit down and that was it,” the friend said.

Another friend Ismali Mckay said Mathews was complaining about having feelings of indigestion and was given water by McKay after which he collapsed. McKay said Matthews did not seem his usual high spirited and energetic self before his performance.

Matthews and Slam 100.5FM’s Blaze, were co-hosts of Saturday’s Tribe’s Festival of Bands launch. Mathews suffered a massive cardiac arrest shortly after performing his largest hit to date, D Journey, a collaboration with veteran calypsonian Ella Andall.

Social media was flooded by tributes to Matthews many questioning the reason for his sudden demise. An autopsy is expected to be done on his body today. 

Source: (Trinidad Guardian)

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