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Relatives and friends baffled over Springer’s disappearance

Relatives and friends of an elderly St Lucy man who has been missing for over a week now say they are not giving up hope of him returning home safe and sound.

In fact, since the sudden disappearance of 72-year-old Barry Springer on July 8, his cousin Irita Haynes said there have been several encouraging reports to suggest that he is very much alive, even though this is yet to be confirmed.

The home of missing 72-year-old Barry Springer (Inset) of Cove Bay St Lucy.

“Some people say they have seen him catching the bus around Coleridge & Parry School [and] I believe and hope that he is still alive,” Irita told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, adding that she refuses to give up hope.

However, the Cove Bay, St Lucy resident said Springer’s disappearance on July 8 had come somewhat as a shock for her since she had seen him earlier in the day sitting on the cliff, as was customary, with his friend David.

“David was fishing and I saw him [Springer] sitting and he got up and walked away and I haven’t seen him since,” the relative said with tears forming in her eyes.

She also expressed astonishment that “he just disappear like that”.

“I don’t know want to think,” she said, pointing out that Springer generally kept to himself and tended to his livestock.

“He would come out, walk around and deal with the sheep,” she said.

Another cousin Chris Haynes, who also lives just a stone’s throw away from Springer’s home was just as shaken up as Irita that their elderly relative had seemingly vanished into thin air.

The family of Barry Springer is shocked at his sudden disappearance. Irita Haynes (left) and Chris Haynes (right) two of Springer’s cousins.

“The last time I say Barry was the Thursday when he went to the standpipe but I ain’t see him since and this is a week and a half now. This got me baffled. No reason come to mind. He wasn’t an out person, he would just deal with the sheep and that was it,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Chris also described Springer as a very “reserved” person, pointing out that his daily routine was mostly “a visit to the standpipe and back home.

“He isn’t outgoing, doesn’t talk alot,” Chris stressed.

Springer’s close friend Grantley Bailey also described him as a “good man who kept to himself.

“I hear them say them can’t find he, but he is a good fella ,” Bailey said, while pointing out that Springer’s car was still parked up in front of his home, which was tightly closed when our team visited Cove Bay today.

He also said that Springer, who lived by himself was a loner who “never interfere with anybody.

“He is a really good person,”  Bailey stressed.

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