Murray arrested and remanded nine months after escaping police custody

A St Michael man who fled from police and evaded capture for nine months, was remanded to prison Monday morning.

Appearing at the District ‘A’ No. 2 Criminal Court, Thorold Akeem Murray of Promenade Road, Bush Hall pleaded guilty to eight charges, including escaping lawful custody on October 16, 2016.

In the matter dating back to October, Murray is accused of stealing one pair of handcuffs belonging to the Crown, resisting Constable Jason Boyce in the execution of his duty, failing to stop at a red light, failing to pull to the side upon hearing the police siren, and escaping lawful custody of the police.

The other charges, stemming from an operation on Saturday in which he was finally caught, are: possession of cannabis, possession with intent to supply the drug, and trafficking cannabis, committed last Saturday.

In explaining the facts of the case, Sergeant Cameron Gibbons told the court that on October 16, last year, officers were on patrol when they saw Murray, who was riding a motorbike, fail to comply with a red light and make a prohibited turn into the vicinity of Deacons, St Michael.

The officers pursued him and Murray lost control of the motorbike and fell. He then tried to throw away a haversack he had been carrying, but officers were able to restrain him and place him under arrest.

Sergeant Gibbons further explained that shortly after, a crowd gathered and pulled the accused away, allowing the still handcuffed man to get away and run through a track.

However, in court Monday, Murray told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that it was not his intention to escape that day. He said it was simply a case of him being pulled in different directions by the police and the crowd.

When asked who removed his restraints and why he did not turn himself into police, Murray replied: “I don’t know them, Ma’am. I was frighten. I didn’t know what to do.”

He then begged to be put in a drug treatment programme, but Magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant was not moved and remanded him until August 14, when he will return to court to be sentenced.

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    this loser. she is in a better place and society is better for it..


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