Young musicians get head start

Graduates of a free music programme created to give primary school children a head start in learning how to play instruments were recognized this past weekend, even as they treated proud tutors, relatives and friends to an evening of music at Harrison College.

Over the past year, the 40 eight to 11 year-olds in the Headstart Music Barbados beginner programme were tutored by five of Barbados’ top musicians on band instruments like the flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and drums.

The flute section.
Erin Boyce is all smiles as she receives her award from Tutor David Weatherhead.
Tutor David Weatherhead makes a presentation to Milan Walrond.
Nicholai Chase happily receiver her certificate.

And on Sunday, they showcased the work they have done and demonstrated that they have the ability to become some of Barbados’ future outstanding musicians.

Tutor David Weatherhead had high praise for the first group of students in the programme which was founded by Boston-based Barbadian saxophonist Elan Trotman.

“I am very proud of this batch and we hope when they graduate and go on to secondary school, they will pursue music at those schools,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Weatherhead said that he had noticed a falloff in the number of bands coming out of secondary schools, and expressed the hope that programmes like Headstart Music Barbados would rectify that.

He commended Trotman for starting and sponsoring the programme, noting that the musician had secured all the instruments through sponsorship.

However, Weatherhead also called on more people to come on board to help provide opportunities for the young people.

“I would really like to encourage the authorities to give more support. We are looking for others to contribute to the programme so that it is sustainable,”
he said.

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