GUYANA – Armed and dangerous

Escapees came out with guns, cutlasses

GUYANA – Armed and dangerous

GEORGETOWN – Just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, the Camp Street prison’s surveillance cameras picked up six prisoners exiting the facility and making their way towards Bent Street, Georgetown, while opening fire on Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranks—guarding around the compound.

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras picked up Mark Royden Williams and Ex-cop Uree Varswyck with cutlasses in their hands. Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander was one of the escapees armed with handguns.

Dennis Williams called “Anaconda” was picked up on the camera leaving with the escapees, but he ran back into the jail shortly after.

There were two inmates whose faces were covered with clothes—one is an Amerindian man yet to be identified and there is some confusion as to who the other prisoner might be.

The police had indicated that the individual was Sherwin Nero but his lawyer, Nigel Hughes late last night confirmed that his client is at the Lusignan Prison.

Drone footage shows Guyana prison fire aftermath.

Police sources say that the individual might in fact be Dellon Henry called “Nasty man”.

“When these men turn on Bent Street, the camera didn’t pick up anything else. The only thing we see was Anaconda running back into the prison,” a source said yesterday.

He said that the police received information that the men hijacked a burgundy car and escaped with the driver.

“We don’t know for sure which direction they went, but we are hearing is all five of them went into the car with the driver, but the person who was with the driver is saying that four of them circle the car . . . but she might be confused,” the source opined.

It is unclear what transpired inside the prison since Hubert Trim, the guard on duty that day, is in a critical condition.

At this time, the police and prison service officials are still trying to determine how the escapees managed to get their hands on the firearms.

“We have no idea where the guns came from. We are still trying to determine that,” the source said.

The police are trying to determine whether the weapons might have smuggled into the prisons or whether they came from inside the jail.

When a count was done yesterday, three other prisoners could not have been accounted for. Up to press time, the authorities could not determine the identities of the inmates. Two searches were conducted in the compound at the Camp Street prison but no human remains were found.

A second count will be done and if the three persons are not found, then it will be assumed that they might have escaped as they were being transported.

While prisoners were being transported to the Lusignan Prison Sunday night, 20-year-old Shawn Collins of Ketley and Drysdale Streets, Charlestown, managed to escape. He was however recaptured about 01:50 hrs yesterday on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

Meanwhile, government officials yesterday reminded citizens that it is illegal to harbour wanted men. They urged citizens to report any sighting of the men—all of whom are wanted for murders.

“If you harbour them, we will charge you,” they warned. 

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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