Aim for gold

Aim for gold

Students graduating from the St Bartholomew Primary School have been encouraged to stay away from negative influences and to be leaders, as they continue their education at the secondary level.

Top boy Jayden Jones
Top girl Elleise Richards

The advice came from principal Hyacinth Harris as she addressed the 20 students at their graduation.

She said while there has been much talk about the level of violence among the youth, she believed those children were in the minority, and she encouraged her students not to fall into that category, but to be leaders in positive behaviour.

“The followers are often individuals who are curious about the behaviours they observe and who move from curiosity to involvement. Do not become so curious that you want to be involved,” Harris said, as she also urged the children not to discard their good manners and positive virtues.

Principal of the St Bartholomew Primary School, Hyacinth Harris.

The featured speaker was Minister of Education, Science Technology and Innovation Ronald Jones who told the Class Four students to let nothing stop them from reaching their goals.

Adapting the theme for the evening, The Gold Is Within Your Grasp, Jones told the students to take the approach that “the gold is within me”.

“If we characterize the gold as that upmost point that we what to achieve, then we must be good and we must be excellent and fashioned in such a way that it reflects that brightness,” he said.

“Too many times, persons settle for mediocrity [and think] ‘I just want to pass’.”

Ronald Jones

Jones encouraged the students to “let the silver be a consequence of not trying hard enough”.

“Each one of you can achieve the gold.” 

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