Winning, wealthy UWI

In sweeping to an unprecedented hat-trick of titles and a record five all told in the 10th edition of the BCA Sagicor General Twenty20 Championship at Kensington Oval last Friday, Sagicor Life University of West Indies (UWI) lifted their winning earnings in the top three local domestic competitions to an amazing $245 000 since they were admitted to the biggest stage in 2006.

Apart from the T20 titles in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017, UWI also boast of capturing the Elite (rebranded from First division in 2012) five times as well – 2009, 2010 (shared with Spartan), 2011, 2012 and 2015 and the Super Cup (50-over) on three occasions – 2007, 2012 and 2015.

So, those are 13 major titles. Tremendous!

Champion teams earn $20 000 for the Elite and T20, and $15,000 for the Super Cup.

It will take another column to go deeper into the overall earnings for all of the teams in the period under review but the riches of UWI are very pronounced, both off and on the field.

Repeatedly, it has been emphasised that they have the resources to continuously dominate local domestic competitions. And if one wants to argue a bit more in relation to winning championships only, just remember that UWI also pocketed $6 000 for lifting the Intermediate division last season.

Effectively, therefore, they have earned at least a quarter-of-a-million dollars for winning BCA competitions in the past 12 seasons.

Later in this column, I have provided the names of all of UWI’s winning teams for the Elite, Super50 and T20 competitions. Those who follow the game closely can clearly see that with a high number of players with first-class experience, UWI will always have a distinct advantage over the other teams.

Jamaica and West Indies batsman Chadwick Walton has been an integral part of the University of the West Indies’ successes over the years, featuring in more than 90 per cent of their trophy-winning squads.

As far as the T20 Final was concerned last Friday, UWI brushed aside first-time finalists Crane Resort St. Catherine, who are the defending Elite division three-day champions, by 65 runs.

The margin of victory was the second largest in terms of runs in a Final, just one run behind the 66-run defeat inflicted on BDFSP at 3Ws Oval last season when UWI amassed the highest ever score in a Final – 186 for seven off 20 overs.

St. Catherine were downright disappointing, falling for the lowest ever total in a Final – 80 all out in 18.4 overs.

The previous lowest total in a Final was 92 all out in 20 overs by CounterPoint Wanderers in 2014 when they lost by eight wickets to Massy Stores (formerly Super Centre) Spartan.

In fact, only one other team – ICBL Empire – were bowled out for under 100 in a Final. That was in 2011 when they fell for 96 in 19 overs as Maple swept to a 31-run win to become the first team to capture the title twice.

Following are the UWI champion teams (Elite, Super Cup and T20) with the number of players in brackets:


2009 (26)- Kyle Corbin, Miles Bascombe, Nekoli Parris, Romel Currency, Floyd Reifer, Liam Sebastien, Gilford Moore, Ryan Austin, Craigg Emmanuel, Jason Bennett, Chadwick Walton, Kurt Wilkinson, Omar Phillips, Gavin Wallace, Ruel Brathwaite, Khismar Catlin, Kavesh Kantasingh, Boris Hutchinson, Jason Crawford, Nhamo Winn, Brian Gooding, Jamal Jordan, Nicholas Brathwaite, Esra Greene, Niaz Dookrat, Clyde Estwick.

2010 (25) – Kyle Corbin, Miles Bascombe, Nekoli Parris, Raymon Reifer, Romel Currency, Simon Naitram, Ryan Austin, Khismar Catlin, Mario Miller, Gilford Moore, Jason Bennett, Craigg Emmanuel, Esra Greene, Kavesh Kantasingh, Armani Best, Kjorn Ottley, Pierre Rock, Floyd Reifer, Nhamo Winn, Omar Phillips, Jonathan Carter, Marques Clarke, Cyprian Forsyth, Liam Sebastien, Kevin McClean.

2011 (22) – Miles Bascombe, Simon Naitram, Raymon Reifer, Jonathan Carter, Romel Currency, Floyd Reifer, Liam Sebastien, Ryan Austin, Marques Clarke, Gilford Moore, Mario Miller, Omar Phillips, Kerwin Sirju, Yannick Ottley, Kavesh Kantasingh, Khismar Catlin, Kyle Corbin, Kevin McClean, Akeem Dewar, Esra Greene, Pierre Rock, Nhamo Winn.

2012 (18) – Omar Phillips, Kyle Corbin, Nekoli Parris, Jonathan Carter, Carlos Brathwaite, Floyd Reifer, Romel Currency, Liam Sebastien, Akeem Dewar, Marques Clarke, Ryan Austin, Raymon Reifer, Kevin McClean, Chadwick Walton, Nhamo Winn, Samuel Peters, Mario Miller, Anthony Alleyne.

2015 (22) – Paul Palmer, Justin Bramble, Kavem Hodge, Cameron Pennyfeather, Ryan Hinds, Rovman Powell, Floyd Reifer, Keron Cottoy, Akeem Dewar, Warren Scantlebury, Jermaine Levy, Shaquille Williams, Kristopher Ramsaran, Shaquille Martina, Nino Henry, Kyle Corbin, Chadwick Walton, Jonathan Carter, Jeremiah Louis, Benedick Prince, Anthony Alleyne, Dawayne Sealy.


2007 (22) – Romel Currency, Omar Phillips, Dwight Carter, Floyd Reifer, Nekoli Parris, Shirley Clarke, Don O’neal, Nhamo Winn, Raymond Singh, Brian Gooding, Khismar Catlin, Ramnarine Chattergoon, Gilford Moore, Craigg Emmanuel, Miles Bascombe, Dion Pinder, Dion Lovell, Liam Sebastien, Jason Bennett, Kavesh Kantasingh, Simon Jackson, Chadwick Walton.

2012 (19) – Kyle Corbin, Carlos Brathwaite, Nekoli Parris, Jonathan Carter, Raymon Reifer, Floyd Reifer, Liam Sebastien, Kevin McClean, Marques Clarke, Akeem Dewar, Ryan Austin, Omar Phillips, Romel Currency, Chadwick Walton, Samuels Peters, Yannick Ottley, Anthony Alleyne, Cyprian Forsythe, Mario Miller.

2015 (20) – Chadwick Walton, Kyle Corbin, Kavem Hodge, Jonathan Carter, Rovman Powell, Floyd Reifer, Akeem Dewar, Keron Cottoy, Jeremiah Louis, Nino Henry, Kristopher Ramsaran, Justin Bramble, Ryan Hinds, Shaquille Williams, Cameron Pennyfeather, Linton Buchanan, Anthony Alleyne, Dawayne Sealy, Jermaine Levy, Kevon Beckles.


2012 (15) – Chadwick Walton, Raymon Reifer, Kyle Corbin, Jonathan Carter, Floyd Reifer, Steven Jacobs, Anthony Alleyne, Kevin McClean, Nekoli Parris, Marques Clarke, Ryan Austin, Akeem Dewar, Kesrick Williams, Derone Davis, Kjorn Ottley.

2013 (23) – Chadwick Walton, Raymon Reifer, Kyle Corbin, Kavem Hodge, Carlos Brathwaite, Steven Jacobs, Floyd Reifer, Akeem Dewar, Marques Clarke, Kesrick Williams, Ryan Austin, Anthony Alleyne, Cyprian Forsyth, Nekoli Parris, Mario Miller, Shacaya Thomas, Simon Naitram, Jonathan Carter, Kavesh Kantasingh, Kristopher Ramsaran, Steve Pinder, Karran Bhola, Kevin McClean.

2015 (16) – Chadwick Walton, Kyle Corbin, Floyd Reifer, Jonathan Carter, Kavem Hodge, Cameron Pennyfeather, Keron Cottoy, Akeem Dewar, Nino Henry, Kristopher Ramsaran, Jermaine Levy, Shaquille Williams, Paul Palmer, Rovman Powell, Justin Bramble, Ryan Hinds.

2016 (16) – Rovman Powell, Floyd Reifer, Chadwick Walton, Jonathan Carter, Kavem Hodge, Kyle Corbin, Akeem Dewar, Shaquille Williams, Justin Bramble, Ryan Hinds, Kevon Beckles, Kristopher Ramsaran, Jermaine Levy, Nino Henry, Larry Edward, Linton Buchanan.

2017 (17) – Leniko Boucher, Nicholas Kirton, Floyd Reifer, Shaquille Williams, Kavem Hodge, Shaquille Martina, Justin Bramble, Marlon Welcome-Goodman, Jervin Benjamin, Ryan Hinds, Cameron Pennyfeather, Nino Henry, Larry Edward, Chemar Holder, Anthony Alleyne, Jonathan Carter, Larry Joseph.

Well done, UWI!

Keith Holder is a veteran, award-winning freelance sports journalist, who has been covering local, regional and international cricket since 1980 as a writer and commentator. He has compiled statistics on the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) Division 1 (now Elite) championship for three-and-a-half decades and is responsible for editing the BCA website ( Holder is also the host of the cricket Talk Show, Mid Wicket, on the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 100.7 FM on Tuesday nights. Email:

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  1. Epaphras D. Williams
    Epaphras D. Williams July 8, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Amazing!!!! I don’t know how we can get all of our sportsmen and women under the watch of The UWI and not create conflicts of interests but I know what they have accomplished in just over a decade is unheard of in these parts. This region can become a force in the world of sports if The UWI has a defining role in their development.

  2. Alex Alleyne July 9, 2017 at 8:59 am

    All this at UWI and still the quality of CRICKET in BIM is at an all time Low. All over CARICOM you cannot put together a WORLD CLASS WI squad to win 2 matches on a trot.


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