Stiffy does the double

Bashment Soca King Stiffy has done the double!

He beat out the seven other finalists with his song Tip and Ben Ova to reclaim his title in front of thousands at Kensington Oval early this morning. 

An elated Stiffy jumped all across the stage as he was announced the winner of $50 000 and a recording contract.

He told Barbados TODAY minutes after his win that he was thankful to God he was able to retain his title.

“This years competition was a little stiff but I had faith, I did my research, I did my preparation. I went to every single rehearsal, the band was so patient with me so I could get every single note in place . . . it wasn’t me, I just feel it was the energy of what I was doing and God knows best,” he said. 

Stiffy was presented with $50 000 and a recording contract.

Stiffy added that he knew he had to bring his ‘A’ game if he wanted to capture the title for the second consecutive year. 

“I knew I had to come better than I had previously in order to win. So it wasn’t that I was scared of the competition, I just knew I had to prep myself better if I wanted to win,” he added

Stiffy’s mom Antoinette Sandiford told Barbados TODAY she was overjoyed but always knew her son could do it. 

“He performed on his birthday and he did well. I am so so happy, words cannot describe. When I heard he won I was on the floor trying to make my way on the stage but I couldn’t get up there. I always have confidence in my son. I know my son. He came out late with the song, everyone was quarreling saying he came out too late they don’t know the song so I was a little scared then, but when I saw him perform, I knew he had it,” she said confidently.

Other performers in the Bashment Soca finals were Scrilla, Lady Essence, Coopa Dan and Rhea, Stabby, Snap Brandy, Hardware and Marzville.

2 Responses to Stiffy does the double

  1. Nikky Daisley
    Nikky Daisley July 8, 2017 at 10:09 am

    Congrats to stiffy

  2. Annette Bishop
    Annette Bishop July 8, 2017 at 11:07 am

    I’m happy yeaaaaaaaa straight outta St.Peter


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