Opportunity knocks for footballers

One Barbadian youth footballer will have the opportunity to fly to Belgium and gain international exposure.

This is thanks to the Camp Samba, the Art of Football put on by chief executive officer and head coach Dexter Marshall and starting from Monday through to the next six weeks, players will be engaged in camping activities to improve their skills in the sport.

“We are working a lot on our football development programme and after that then we will have European coaches coming in so we will have their style of training.

“Peters from Progress Sports in Belgium he will be here to select a player from the first week to travel to Belgium next year to be part of a camp.

“So that is what is offered to any player who comes to the academy, as long as he performs well and impresses the coaches, then he will be selected,” Marshall said.

Louis Garvey talking to the youngsters Friday.

He added that the camp which is opened to children ages 6-16, was a chance to give a lucky player an opportunity to make in on football’s biggest stage.

“The camp is open to anybody, it is an opportunity we are offering the Barbadian footballer who wants to become a professional and wants to be exposed to the kind of training that is needed to take our football to another level.  They have to do it in order to become a Messi, a Ronaldo…,” he said. 

Marshall insisted that one of the main purposes of the camp was for the players to have a better understanding of the game over ninety-minutes.

“Once they become members of the academy, they will continue to work on short development programmes, where they work with one versus one, two versus 2 and 3 versus 3, so that as the players reach more stages they will get a better understanding of the systems.

“If we don’t go through these dynamics then when the players get to play eleven a side football they will be lost.”

This morning, players of the Harrison College football team were privileged to have a training session with Manchester United coach Louis Garvey.

Garvey, who has been with United for the past 25 years and played a pivotal role in the success of United’s teenage striker Marcus Rashford as well as the likes of Danny Welbeck and Jesse Lingard, is not ruling out the chance of a Barbadian playing at the Theatre of Dreams one day.

“I will be honest I’m here as a scout but if I spot a kid, I will make note of that player and liaise with Dexter and see what we can do.”

Source: (AGB)

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