No child under 17 should be ‘wukking up’ on stage – NCF

Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Cranston Browne is appealing to promoters to ensure that some level of decency is maintained at their events.

Browne was responding to a video making the rounds on social media in which a young boy, said to be 16, could be seen gyrating on a woman at the Water Xplosion – Party in the Tropics last weekend. The development has sparked public outrage with President of the National Council of Parent Teachers’ Associations Shone Gibbs telling Barbados TODAY earlier this week he hoped police and the Child Care Board would “investigate that matter thoroughly and make sure whoever is responsible or who was negligent, be charged accordingly”.

Today, Browne did go as far as Gibbs in suggesting that anyone should be prosecuted, but he made a direct appeal to local promoters “to ensure that the performers at their events maintain some level of decency and decorum on stage.

“In this age of social media and the immediacy of the news environment, these thing are damaging  – not only to the promoters of the event – but also to the image of the festival on a world stage,” he said.

He also reminded those attending the launch of Massy’s Pan Pun the Sand event at Dome Mall that at the NCF, as the agency responsible for the execution the annual Crop Over festival and the development of culture, had strict guidelines that had to be adhered to by performers.

“The performer agrees to provide us with a list of names of everybody accompanying them and their specific functions on stage,” the NCF boss said, adding that as part of the requirements, no child under the age of 17 was allowed “backstage or on stage as part of the entourage or the performance at an event without prior authorization, and of course the detailed information on the action that he/she will be required to perform”.

Browne also responded to the critics of the very popular Bashment Soca genre, saying “its growth should not be hindered by the lewd lyrics or behaviours of some”.

However, he was confident that the Bashment Soca, “like the evolution of the steel pan, sweet soca and party music – every art form or genre – will find its own path toward growth and development that will lead it to the point where it becomes the acceptable norm or standard”. 

One Response to No child under 17 should be ‘wukking up’ on stage – NCF

  1. Yap Bait July 11, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Easy…it is known as the Day of Decadence! That incident could have taken place, let say on the hill, and no one would have noticed…the morality police have to be equitable and not selective in their put -on outrage.


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