Ready for Phenomenal Friday

The stage is set for Phenomenal Friday this coming Friday.

The highly anticipated event will feature the Bashment Soca finals and the Sweet Soca Party Monarch semifinals.

Organizer of the event, Rudy Maloney of 4D Entertainment, said everything is in place and they’re ready to put on a spectacular show.

“Preparations are coming along nicely. Everything is a go. All the artistes will be rehearsing tomorrow at their grand rehearsal and the venue is going to be ready. So the key things are in place,” he said.

Maloney said while ticket sales were going really well, it was hard to determine how many patrons would be at the show. However, he said he was expecting a lot and encouraged everyone to come out.

“Come out! You’re going to have a fantastic production especially the Bashment Soca segment. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he added.

In the Bashment Soca finals, performers will be trying to dethrone reigning king Stiffy in the winner takes all competition. At stake is a cash prize of $50,000 and a recording contract.

In the Sweet Soca semifinals, competitors will be trying to gain a spot in the highly competitive final; those advancing to the finals will be hoping to dethrone De General Edwin Yearwood.

In the Party Monarch competition, those advancing will be hoping to dethrone reigning monarch Lil Rick.

Below is a list of the Bashment Soca finalists in the order in which they will appear and also the line-up of the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semifinalists. (DB)

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