Government eager to work with Trump administration

Barbados is eager to increase its cooperation with the United States (US), following the signing last December by the US government of the US-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act.

Acting Prime Minister Richard Sealy gave this assurance Wednesday night as he joined with US Ambassador Linda Taglialatela and other officials in local activities marking the 241st birthday of the United States.

US Ambassador Linda Taglialatela

Just last month the US Agency for International Development released a programme of action covering several areas, including security, prosperity, energy, diplomatic engagement, health and education.

Sealy said those areas were consistent with the strategic interests of Barbados, adding that the island looked forward to the early convening of the regional trade and investment conference highlighted in the US strategy.

“I am confident that this single event alone will generate significant economic interest and could mobilize resources and ideas to our mutual benefit,” he said, while assuring Taglialatela that “your government can count on Barbados to fully participate in the regional effort to implement this strategy about which we have high expectations”.

Acting Prime Minister Richard Sealy

In her address, the US diplomat pointed to the recently staged Operation Tradewinds exercise saying it “was a perfect example of our robust and effective partnerships that prepare us to respond to any threat or event.

“In terms of security, we continue to work in tandem with governments in this region to dismantle trafficking and terrorist networks, enhance maritime security, confront violent crime, and increase the sharing of threat information among countries,” she added.

One Response to Government eager to work with Trump administration

  1. Belfast July 7, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Wuhlosss! This is when the US Embassy plies the local who- is- who with Jack Daniels, and they proceed to talk their heads off. Ask Peter Wickham.
    Richard Sealy wants to set up beg-lateral talks with Trump. What have we to offer?


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