Hollabak and his music

Rico Hollabak Goddard is focused on making sweet sounds this Crop Over. The artiste has been on the entertainment scene since 2007 and has finally made it through this year to the semi-finals of the Party Monarch Competition

In an interview with Bajan Vibes, the 24-year-old St John resident said: “It’s a great feeling after trying for so many years and then having the opportunity to be in the Party Monarch semi-finals.”

His song Hold De Key, which is self penned and has been in the works for almost two years, addresses the issue of drinking responsibly, particularly during this season which is synonymous with consuming large amounts of alcohol.

Responsible drinking has become a hot topic of discussion due to the number of fatal accidents on the road.

The young artiste has also released four other songs, which have been receiving much attention from the public. They are – Want More, Sweet Like Ooh, Build A Vibes, and Brekin Dah. They follow the release of his more popular song to date, My Life.

Hollabak has performed at various local events including Race of Champions, Soca Titans, Lush Cooler Fetes, and Beer Fest. He has even written a song for the Soca king himself, Machel Montano.

“Music is my life,”he said, adding that outside of the Crop Over season, he remains heavily involved in the industry as it is his full-time job. He does not stick to just soca but is versatile. ”I write music and do different styles of music because I don’t put myself in one bracket “ he said .

Rico Hollabak Goddard

In his spare time, Hollabak can be found hanging out with members of his Coach Hill, St John community. He said that he was not only grateful to them because he could unwind in their company but also because they were his greatest support. They pass time roasting breadfruit, hanging out and just enjoying life .

“I never had that support from my family. My mother or father have never been to a single show,” he remarked, pointing out that it was once depressed him. “Even when the world isn’t supporting you and you have your mum and dad pushing, it’s good to know that someone is in your corner,” he added.

Hollabak said this disappointment was a source of motivation for him to press on and he was grateful for all the support from friends who tell him that they listen to his music and call the radio stations to request that it be given airplay. This has translated into good responses from the public.

“I have people finding me on social media and messaging me and telling me that song gets them up and moving on a morning, when they stressed out they can listen to this record and that is powerful for me as an artiste,” he remarked.

Despite his success so far, the young artiste recognizes that he still has a lot to learn about music and performing and is always looking to better himself as his ambition one day is to become an international recording artiste .

The former St Leonard’s schoolboy said on reflection he wished he had done music at school because the ability to read music would have come in handy. “It’s a real important thing as a musician to know how to read music. If I was studying my head instead of studying just writing, I would have learnt how to read it as well”

Hollabak is promising to bring his “A game” to the Party Monarch semi-finals. In preparation, he has been studying and trying to imitate his role model Bounty Killer. “His stage performance is crazy ,” he said.

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