Graduates warned of dangers of misusing technology

As Bay Primary students prepare to enter secondary school where they will be allowed to have cell phones, a principal is warning them against improper use of those devices and other technology.

“I support technology. I have no problem with students having phones as long as they use them for the right reasons,” Anthony Alleyne of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School said as he delivered the feature address at the Bay Primary School graduation ceremony yesterday.

Principal of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School Anthony Alleyne delivering the feature address at the Bay Primary School graduation.

“The phone isn’t evil, the technology isn’t bad…But how we use them and what we use them for indicates where our value, worth and morality lie.”

He also advised the students to be careful about what they posted on social media sites.

“Anything you may post online can stay there forever; every negative comment you make about someone can hurt; every video you share may end up somewhere you didn’t intend it to and cause all sorts of trouble. Do not ever put yourself in a position where someone else can take photos or videos of you in any embarrassing or compromising position. I beg you, do not fall into the culture of whipping out phones to tape fights,” the principal told the children, as he warned that improper use of social media and technology could ruin their lives.

Alleyne also spoke to the children about success, under the theme Pass Failure on the Way to Success. He told them they had to embrace failures and mistakes on the path to success.

Quoting founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, , Alleyne said: “Do not be embarrassed by your failures; learn from them and start again.”

The secondary school principal also reminded the children that success was not any specific particular thing.

“Oxford defines success as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. It doesn’t say nuff, nuff money or a big, big house or a fancy car. It says the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is individual. You determine what you want and you determine if you are going to be successful at it and know that success will not magically appear,” Alleyne said.

He told the students they were all special and had the potential for greatness.

Roshanna Trim awarding Bay Primary’s top boy in the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Exam, Tashawn Walkes.
Roshanna Trim presenting the Sports Personality of the Year Award to Michael Brown.
Roshanna Trim awarding Janina Neverson, the most outstanding student, with the Gabrielle Davida Gay Trophy for Excellence in Reading.

“Whether you realize it or not, you have a chance to be some of the best students your new school has ever seen. To be some of the brightest, fastest, most creative sparks of possibilities to ever come from Bay Primary, with candles of bright futures ready to light the world, but perseverance will be key to you on your new journey.”

Alleyne also offered some advice to the children’s parents.

While commending them for working with their children up to this point, he told them they had more work to do.

“Make connections with their school, know who their friends are, speak with their form teacher and senior teacher, follow up on any bad reports, check their phones once in a while, work with them. Never see the children as failures; see them as growing. Do not ever cry them down because they are not as good as we want them to be. Instead, find ways to encourage them and push them to move pass failure to our next concept – success,” the principal said. (KH)


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  1. Epaphras D. Williams
    Epaphras D. Williams July 6, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    A school graduation should end with a showcase of the skills and works of the departing students and not merely dressing up for a lecture. Listen good.


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