TRINIDAD – Close call for four-year-old after landslide

PORT OF SPAIN –– Four-year-old Kamalee Wilson was asleep at his Cocorite home yesterday when a huge embankment of dirt tumbled onto his house, smashing through his mother’s bedroom just a few inches from where he lay.

Whilst his mother, Abena, 30, is thanking Allah for saving her son’s life and by extension hers, she was both shaken and frustrated to see her home destroyed in the landslip.

The incident, which happened around 4:30 p.m., is believed to have been caused by the heavy rainfall and strong wind experienced since Sunday into yesterday.

Kamalee Wilson lies on his bed near where a landslide crashed into his home yesterday.

Wilson, a single mother of two, told the T&T Guardian she was at home all day and had just put her son to sleep. Her elder son was at a relative’s house.

“I had now walk outside to check on the running water I was hearing. I thought my grandfather was doing something so I went to check, but as I was walking down to his place I just heard a loud crashing sound. When I turned around I saw a huge clump of dirt come down from up the hill from by me straight onto my house,” Wilson said.

“I just ran inside for my son because the bedroom right there where it crashed. I was so scared but relieved to see that he was safe.”

Wilson’s home was partially destroyed, while she lost her television and her chest of drawers.

She said she now fears the fallen embankment will pose a danger to a nearby lamp post.

Up to late last night, Wilson was trying to clean up with the help of relatives and neighbours.

Wilson shot into the spotlight in May this year, when she was scolded about her Muslim wear (including the Niqab –– an Islamic face veil) and told to disrobe in front of a classroom of students during a CSEC social studies examination at the Polytechnic Institute in St James. She subsequently lodged a formal complaint to the Ministry of Education.

In a previous interview with the T&T Guardian, Wilson explained that all she ever wanted to do was to achieve her goals by furthering her education so that she would be able to get a proper paying job so she could provide for her children and herself.

Source: (T&T Guardian)

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