Promoters urged to take waste management seriously

Fete promoters are being urged to change their attitudes towards waste management at their Crop Over events in order to help change the public’s perception of these events as health hazards.

Environmental Scientist Dr Ariana Marshall is arguing that for too long promoters have treated the clean up after these events as an “afterthought”, and the public was growing tired of seeing the garbage pile ups, which sometimes remain at the venues for several days after events.

“Just making sure that you think about waste just as you would think about your bar. You need to think about waste before it becomes a problem and I think it is unfortunate that we are at the stage where people are so aggravated by it that they take picture of what has happened and put it out there,” Marshall told the media this morning following the launch of a joint recycling effort between Better Caribbean and the St Michael North West Constituency Council at the Deacons Development Facility, Deacons Farm, St Michael.

She said the volume of waste generated at these frequent events was too much for Sanitation Service Authority to handle.

However, the environmentalist revealed that not all promoters were taking the issue seriously despite the best efforts at awareness.

“Events have a lot to contribute to our economy and that’s why our preference is not to shame persons publicly but rather try to work with them to recycle or get them some bins. Some people don’t like having bins  . . . because their idea of bins is based on what we see on the road, which are uncovered bins piling up with flies. If you look anywhere else in the world you can make bins look good. Promoters have to be ready to come to this solution because simply paying someone after the fact does not guarantee that you have your waste covered,” Marshall argued.

She also was of the view that Government should enact legislations mandating promoters to pay a deposit equivalent to the cleaning cost and redeemable once the venue is satisfactorily cleaned.

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