Four ordered to do community service

A number of people who appeared in a Bridgetown Magistrate Court today on separate drug charges will have to find time in their schedules to perform community service.

Among them is 25-year-old waitress Paige Shanelle Neil, who was told she would have to perform 80 hours of community service if she wants to keep her criminal record clean.

The #8 Highland, St Thomas resident had consented to a search of her bag yesterday when police, who were on duty in the area of Screw Dock, Cavens Lane, St Michael, noticed the scent of marijuana emanating from a group of people. A “partially burnt white cigarette” was found, the prosecutor said.

Neil returns to court on September 22 before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Also returning to court on that date to give an update on the 80 hours of community service he was ordered to perform, is Romario Athelson Cave of Fairfield, Tudor Bridge, St Michael.

The 22-year-old entertainer pleaded guilty to possession of a small quantity of cannabis. The drugs were found on him during routine vehicle searches by police on Barbarees Hill, St Michael on July 1.

Cave, who was the front seat passenger in the vehicle which was carrying three other people, said at the time: “Officer, that’s one spliff”, when asked to account for the drug being in his possession.

Nico Ramon Beckles, of Searles Avenue, Tudor Bridge, St Michael, who was also in the vehicle with Cave, also admitted to having cannabis in his possession.

He was in the rear passenger seat. A plastic bag was found in his groin area containing 60 small Ziploc bags of the illicit drug.

“That’s mine I had to smoke,” he told officers.

Beckles also has 80 hours of community service to complete and will return to court on September 22.

Kevin Ryan Cornibert, 39, of Fairfield Cross Road, St Michael and Anton Shirmar Watson, 26, of Gibbs Land, Grazettes, St Michael, were also in that vehicle but they denied separate charges of possession, possession with intent to supply and having a trafficable quantity of the drug.

With no objections from the prosecutor to their release, they were each granted $2,000 bail, which was secured with individual sureties.

They will make their second appearance before Magistrate Douglas on September 28.

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  1. Raymond Lorde
    Raymond Lorde July 4, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Please explain what is a routine search of vehicles?

  2. Anfaani Henry
    Anfaani Henry July 4, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    What about the crack…


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