Advice for success

The 2017 graduating class of the St Albans Primary School has been reminded that success is not a destination, but a journey.

Past student Pastor Derek Ward not only reminded the children of that but gave them advice on how they should approach that journey, as he delivered the keynote address at their graduation ceremony recently.

Featured speaker Pastor Derek Ward

“Success is the journey of achieving small goals towards the overall accomplishment,” Ward explained, telling the children that the onus was on them to ensure their goals became reality.

“Each of you has images of what you want your future to look like, and it is important that you recognize you must cut out a niche for yourself and pursue it with every ounce of passion within you,” the pastor said.

Noting that success meant different things to different people, he added: “Success is not about the initials behind one’s name; that is education. Success is not about the size of your bank account; that is wealth. Success is about being the best you can be whilst progressing towards your final goal.”

A section of the St Albans Primary Graduating Class of 2017.
Parliamentary Representative for St James North Edmund Hinkson (centre) with (from left) Student of the Year and Most Outstanding Boy Nicholas Ramsingh, Most Outstanding Girl Reshai Bowen, Most Improved Boy Dameon Adams and Most Improved Girl Sahara Vaughn-Babb.
Aretha Gibbons, recipient of the Gabrielle Davida Gay Trophy for Excellence in Reading, with her father Arturo Watts and mother Maria Gibbons.
St Albans Primary School principal Wendine Prince with Alicia Shepherd, who received the Principal’s Prize – Spirit of St Albans.

Ward wished the students the very best and urged them to be persistent and consistent and to insist on excellence.

Representative of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Lomar Rock, in his remarks, encouraged the students to make the best of the free education afforded to them.

“Take advantage of the generosity of your country where you are offered free education up to secondary level, because education is a key to unlocking the world – a passport to freedom,” he said.

Rock also gave them other advice – associate with positive people, “as we are known and judged by the company we keep”; make right decisions the first time, because there are not always second chances; and make a positive contribution to the schools they are moving on to.

In a touching farewell to the Class of 2017, principal Wendine Prince urged the students to continue to pursue success.

“This school has already produced a Prime Minister, Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, and among you graduands there may be another, or even a Governor General,” she told them.

“There will be obstacles along the way, but obstacles can be removed, jumped over, pushed down or gone around. Obstacles should never hinder your progress. Find your keys to success and use them to open as many doors as you possibly can. Strive for success at all times,” Prince added.

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