Double trouble


A 39-year-old man who appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court for uttering menacing words to another has ended up at HMP Dodds for a totally different reason.

It is alleged that Ricardo Brathwaite, a George Street, Belleville, St Michael resident, used the threatening words: “If you go to the police, I am going to go the Red Zone for my gun and I am going to shoot you. Don’t take it for no joke” towards Phillip Maynard.

Brathwaite told Magistrate Douglas Frederick he was not guilty of committing the offence, which allegedly occurred on June 26.

There was no objection to bail on that charge, but the prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock informed the magistrate that the accused had failed to appear in court on appointed dates for ongoing cases related to drugs and theft of a motorcar.

Those charges were leveled against Brathwaite in 2011. He has been on $20,000 bail ever since.

After receiving that information, Magistrate Frederick remanded Brathwaite to the St Philip penal institution until July 28.

The accused man’s surety is expected to report to court on that date as well.

In another matter, a man who was reported as having no fixed place of abode was able to secure his freedom after his father confirmed to the court that his son was living with him.

Chad Lee Lashley, 32, appeared before Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch today, charged that being the rider of a bicycle, he failed to comply with a stop sign and failed to give his name and address to Police Sergeant Tyrone Alleyne.

It is also alleged that Lashley made use of the indecent language: “Wunna want to tell me what the f*** to do with my children. Wunna always coming with nuff r*******”, while on Waverley Cot Road.

Lashley is also accused of not having a number plate firmly affixed to the bicycle. The offences allegedly occurred yesterday.

The accused was not required to plead to the charges as the offences occurred in another jurisdiction.

There were no objections to granting him bail, but the prosecutor pointed to the fact that Lashley had no fixed place to live as a problem.

However, his father told the Chief Magistrate that Lashley lived with him and would continue to do so.

As such, the accused man was released on $750 bail and will make his first appearance before the District ‘F’ Magistrates’ Court on July 4.

2 Responses to Double trouble

  1. Corey Bristol
    Corey Bristol July 1, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Dem like nuff gun talk an ain’t even got a guttaperk

    • Tony Corbin
      Tony Corbin July 1, 2017 at 8:08 am

      The big problem here, is they have the resources to get one, both gun an guttaperk


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