‘Be popular for the right reasons’

There’s nothing wrong with being popular, but it should be for the right things.

That’s the advice former head girl of the Ignatius Byer Primary School Asha Yearwood has given to this year’s graduating class, as she warned them not to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

Keynote speaker Asha Yearwood addressing graduates.

“Do not be popular for bad things; be popular for a good reason. At times we are afraid to do the right things, to stand up for what is right, because the wrong things are easy to do as they offer instant gratification. Being popular for the wrong reasons has a short life span; being popular for the right things has a lasting effect. People respect you, they want to work with you,” she told the 15 students at their graduation ceremony yesterday.

Speaking under theme Take Flight, Soar to New Heights, Yearwood told the children to be bold in their secondary school journey.

“This world was made for those who were bold. Look to be innovators; do research, ask questions, seek answers, and knock on doors. You must believe in yourself, have faith, be persistent and have courage. You must be determined. Only your best is good enough. When you shortchange yourselves, you shortchange the world,” she added.

Principal Linda Graham, in her address, also encouraged the students to “soar to new heights”.

Principal Linda Graham delivering her remarks.

“People who soar to new heights make things happen. People who soar to new heights will always receive a pot of gold at the end of their journey,” she said.

However, Graham told the students that even as they soared, there were certain things they should not forget.

“As you soar, you must remember to call on God. You will encounter turbulence, but our true success will be defined by how we handle the turbulence. Remember your families, remember the less fortunate, and remember, the happiest people don’t have the best of everything but they make the best of what they have,” the principal told the students.

Delivering remarks on behalf of MP for St Lucy Denis Kellman, Samantha Smith told parents not to sit back and watch their children fail but to guide them every step of the way.

She urged each student to “be a child who loves a challenge; be a child who works hard.” 

Head boy Christopher-Chars Best presenting Class 4 teacher Stacia Springer with a token of appreciation.
Top boy Daren Miller being presenting with one of his prizes from former senior teacher Althea Strickland-Bowen.
Top girl Melissa McIntosh receiving her prize from former senior teacher Althea Strickland-Bowen.

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