Students get hurricane ready

With the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season underway, students from across the island were exposed to hurricane preparedness measures at a symposium hosted by the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed.

The seminar was a continuation of the department’s efforts to educate people about the various elements of disaster preparedness.

Students of the St Michael School engaging DEM librarian Antoinette Clarke.
The president of the Barbados Citizens Band Radio Association David Carrington showing students how the communication system works.
Students of Belmont Primary School at the symposium

DEM director Kerry Hinds said the symposium was focused on educating the youth in particular, highlighting and explaining tropical weather systems, and engaging the youngsters in exercises on hurricane preparedness and response.

Director of the DEM, Kerry Hinds.

She told the students that although they were young, they could still get involved in hurricane preparedness.

“We don’t need to be specialized to understand hurricane preparedness. I want to encourage you to take a role in some hurricane readiness activities at your schools and at home as well,” Hinds told the schoolchildren.

“Today is a golden opportunity for you to learn as much as you can about hurricane hazard and hurricane preparedness and share what you have learnt with your school friends, as well as your family. Be hurricane smart, prepared and resilient.”

Also addressing the workshop was Deanzer Roberts, who experienced the devastating Hurricane Ivan which struck Grenada in 2015.

The journalist of over 27 years told the students they should not get complacent and should always be prepared.

“Grenadians thought God was Grenadian and they did not prepare,” Roberts said.

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