Embrace success challenge, Workman’s graduates told

 Graduating students of the Workman’s Primary School were on Tuesday urged to embrace “the success challenge” and maintain a relationship with God as they move on to secondary school in September.

Delivering the feature address at the school’s 2017 graduation ceremony at the Sunbury Great House, Pastor Dale Haynes told the children they were certain to face several challenges in seeking success in life, but they must live by the “Four Ps” in order to surmount  such challenges.

Roger Spencer (left) of Sagicor General Insurance, who presented the awards, and principal Anthea Newton-Gadsby (right) with top students (from left) Akayla Eversley-Small, Najwa O’neale and Nia Wood.
Pastor Dayle Haynes

“You must have passion for what you are doing; you must pursue your goals with energy; you must persevere and learn how to bounce back when you fall and you must be prudent in the decisions you make,” Haynes said.

The Seventh-Day Adventist pastor also cautioned the students that life was essentially a roller-coaster ride and urged them never to join the BMW [Blamers, Mourners and Whiners] Club.

“Life is full of ups and downs. You can’t fake it to make it. You must work hard and learn how to bounce back,” Haynes told them.

The graduation ceremony for the St George-based school was supported by Sagicor General Insurance, which has adopted the educational institution.

Sagicor’s Vice-President for Marketing and Business Development, Mark Blakeley congratulated the children and teachers for their outstanding performance over the past year, and pledged his company’s continued support for the school.

“You have all successfully completed the Common Entrance Exam, but this is one of many hurdles you will encounter in life. You will find out that learning and exams are a continuous process and the key to success is to be prepared. You must first desire, then work and then set out to achieve,” he said.

“We at Sagicor General are very proud to have adopted your school and also proud of the success of your students, teachers and parents.”

Sagicor, which has worked with the school on several projects over the past year, will engage staff, partners, teachers and parents during the coming summer vacation in a project to upgrade the school’s bathrooms.

In her address, principal Anthea Newton-Gadsby thanked Sagicor General for its genuine support for the institution and lauded teachers, students and other supporters for their good work over the years.

Speaking to the school’s motto, Work Hard Today. Reap Success Tomorrow, she reported that students participated in various activities over the year, with varying degrees of success, and they were certain to learn from their experiences. Seventeen students wrote the Common Entrance examination, she said, and all of them earned places in secondary schools.

Newton-Gadsby encouraged the students to continue to read, as this was the foundation of knowledge, and also urged them to embrace technology and use it for assistance in learning and for upliftment.

“In everything you do…I want you to always take this with you: Adopt the three Rs – respect for yourself; respect for others and take responsibility for your actions,” she told the Class 4 students.

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