Edwards succumbs to the ‘Venom’

Mark “Venom” Griffith booked a spot in the semifinals of the Lance Bynoe Masters Road Tennis Tournament when he defeated the attacking Emar Edwards 21-16, 15-21, 22-10 at the Rubis Sports Club, Brighton, St Michael Thursday night.

Edwards was in an attacking mood from the first game, rushing to a three-nil lead over Griffith and thrilling the fans with several sizzling shots.

Griffith took his time and responded to Edwards’ attack with precise placement of the ball in several areas of the court.

Griffith’s attempt to stop Edwards from attacking at times did not come off. On several occasions, Edwards unleashed a smash or a powerful drive to which Griffith had no answer.

The game was locked at 7-7 and at 11-11, Griffith knew he had a fight on his hands and when into overdrive.

He then eased away from Edwards, gaining points with several attacking shots. Griffith led the game 16-14 when the service changed, Edwards gained another two points, and Griffith won the game 21-16.

Mark Griffith won again last night in the Lance Bynoe Masters Open. (FP)

Edwards launched a relentless attack on Griffith in the second game. He established an early lead from the start and never gave it up.

Griffith could not find a way to stop his opponent who dominated the game. Edwards led 6-2, when the service changed at 6-4, it appeared that the game was following the pattern of the preceding match.

Edwards was having none of that, he kept on pressuring Griffith with attacking shots. Griffith fought gallantly but could not stop Edwards from winning the game 21-15.

The stage was set for an exciting third game to decide the match, but it never happened because Griffith outplayed Edwards to win the game 21-10.

Sheldene Walrond also advanced to the semi-finals in the women’s section of the tournament. Walrond, who recently won the Touch of Class Women’s Tournament, defeated Maudlyn Blunt 21-19, 21-7.

Blunt lead 5-0 in the first game, Walrond in a cool and calm manner then took charge of the match. The game was locked at 8-8, Walrond had established a one-point lead when the service changed at 13-12.

She continued to hold the lead at 19-16, Blunt played well to win three more points, Walrond won the game 21-19. In the second game Walrond inflicted a 21-7 thrashing of Blunt.

The big-hitting Kim Holder powered her way into the semifinals with a 21-15, 21-14 victory over Estherphyne Holder. Kim used her trademark smash and powerful back arm to out-class Estherphyne.

Dario Hinds also gained a place in the semi-finals with a 21-17,  21-16 defeat of Curtis Jones.

In the other matches, Antonio “Lil Man” Daniel whipped Ryan Hall 21-11, 21-12. Marson Johnson won 21-16, 21-12 from Adrian Skeete. Julian White overcame Andrew Goodridge 21-18, 21-16.

Cherene Ward registered a 21-12, 22-20 victory over Jalesa Holder-Vaughan. In a match between mother and daughter, Abigail Haynes defeated her mother Carlyn Haynes 21-12, 22-20. Susan Scantlebury won 22-20 24-22 from Kyana Holder, and Rachel Smith recorded a 21-16, 21-7 over Krystal Harewood.

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