Barbados should follow Venezuela’s lead on constitution, says activist

Prominent activist David Comissiong believes that it is time for Barbados to have a constitution written and approved by Barbadians, and is recommending that this island follows the lead of deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

The outspoken attorney-at-law and president of the Clement Payne Movement made the comments yesterday while moderating a discussion, sponsored by the Venezuelan Embassy, at the National Union of Public Workers’ Dalkeith, St Michael headquarters on that country’s process towards developing a mass-based national assembly that will review its present constitution.

Under the Caracas system, candidates are nominated to fill just over 500 places in a constituent national assembly, which makes recommendations for constitutional change.

Venezuela is currently contemplating its third constitution after a second one was drafted and approved in 1999 by then president Chavez to the original 1960 document to allow for mass-based consultation with the people.

Contending that the Constitution of Barbados was an import from the United Kingdom that has no contribution from Barbadians, Comissiong argued that “we need to follow Hugo Chavez’s example.

“We, Barbados, need a new constitution that is the product of a national constituent assembly – just like what Venezuela is now undertaking – to express the will of the Barbadian people and to let it be a constitution that really belongs to us, that was created by us, that was enacted through the sovereign will of the people of Barbados and their Parliament, our House of Assembly,” he said.

Recalling Chavez’s 1999 constitutional reform that produced a document based on the desires of Venezuelans, Comissiong said, “we in Barbados have not had the wisdom and the self-respect to do likewise.

“We have a constitution today that is the schedule of an order put in place by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Privy Council in England that was then laid in the British Parliament and passed in the British Parliament,” he said, adding that since its drafting in 1966, the Constitution of Barbados remains the same in principle, despite the creation in 1998 of a Constitutional Review Commission that has submitted a report.

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  1. Adelia de Silvia
    Adelia de Silvia June 30, 2017 at 10:43 pm


  2. Adelia de Silvia
    Adelia de Silvia June 30, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Which one? the one that your friend maduro is trying to imposse?

  3. Carl Hunte
    Carl Hunte June 30, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    Square peg in a round hole.

  4. Jennifer July 1, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Well said David. But this will be difficult as the darkness on this people is great. 98% of this black people love that oppressor too much to detach, that enemy that lives within. They have a twisted Bonny and Clyde relationship loving to work for pittance even with THEIR masters certificate getting a bit more than the ones in the field. They say WHERE CAN WE FIND A BETTER HOUSE THAT THIS??? They like that COLONIAL YOKE and chain TOO much around their little necks. Little do they know the chain will only allow them to run its length and there is no extension either. Too much self hate rules and the love of that rider on the horse. Mind you they have absolutely nothing to loose but that matrix box.

  5. jrsmith July 1, 2017 at 5:12 am

    The mess our country is in is nothing to do with the colonial past .
    People change is what we need in barbados …… we are a frighten ,scared educated nation, scared of the politicians and frighten of the 1% who controls our nation,…………… the new generation of past slave masters is still with whip in hand , keeping our black masses in line…………………..
    ……. Our educated experts ,(… with they unstable ideas of democracy , after they wake in the morning , day after day is feeding our black people with nothing other than the rubbish, from most countries which is worst off and in deep ***t than barbados …None of these experts ….(dare) … to give direct challenge to the government of the day in barbados, not even the opposition (BLP) have the will or opposing strength to give challenge to the same regime…………………………
    Colonial past…..
    We have a present government , in power for almost 2 full terms and still we are having sewage in the streets of barbados, If we were rule from (Westminster ) we would be better off, do you all think the present government , would have gotten away with the 900 millions dollars missing from the barbados treasury and turn they noses at the black masses , because they dont care or is not accountable to anyone………………………………….
    Bajans try this , this government will win the next election , what then would be the out come……………………….

    • Jennifer July 1, 2017 at 8:36 am

      @jrsmith – Good morning to you from Barbados. Your first paragraph>>>>>>>> Does this not have to do with a colonial past????? Who do you think the 1% of Barbados is? the same colonial children, on the same plantation. Those colonial children with their mommies and daddies set up this two horn system of government with puppets who they can control just like south Africa, Afghanistan and so many other countries. Now throw in that engineered, deficient education and what do you get?? An education fit for THEIR purpose. Remember this people did not do like America and take up arms and FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM a watered down version was GIVEN to them to relieve the financial spend by the mother country. How gullible was our leaders. Them too was afraid of that giant. WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED JOINED ONTO THAT MOTHER AND LET THEM PAY BACK SOME OF WHAT THEY TOOK. At the end of the day it will all boil down to the same colonial problem. NOTHING HAS CHANGED only evolved. Same people in the same positions with even more inflated finances and the same slaves in the same position as you say with tin cup in hand.

  6. Colin Daniel July 1, 2017 at 7:39 am

    It is time for a Constitution that rests the power in this country in the people and not those who are elected to Parliament. At present we have no recourse but to suffer through bad of the people affairs until a prime minister chooses to go too the polls. our current Constitution allows for the supremacy of the Prime minister rather than the head of state or if the Parliament.

  7. nanci July 1, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    thats why I think lots of idiots running the country, venezuela people have to line up for miles to buy food, no money circulating in the country, police killings. People rioting, no food, no water, people suffering, and you expect barbados to follow Venezuela example in anything?


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