Q Lemar in music debut

Q Lemar is a first time soca artiste for Crop Over 2017 but he is no stranger to the stage. Q Lemar, whose real name is Quinn Belgrave, was the winner of Richard Stoute Teen Talent 2008 when he captured the judges’ hearts with the song My Way.

In recent years, he has become a virtual sensation with his comedic video Pop Down in which he speaks about the harsh cost of living and its effects on Barbadians. The video to date has reached 17,014 views and 623 shares on  Facebook.

Q Lemar

In a brief interview with Bajan Vibes, Belgrave spoke about Pop Down and how it came to be a virtual sensation overnight.

“The comedy wasn’t actually a serious thing. It was more I have time on my hands and a phone. I shot it at home and [got it edited]. I [uploaded] that [Pop Down]

on November 23, 2016 and when I [initially] put it out, it did not take off at all. The time came and I decided to release it again.,” he said.

“I went to sleep the night and woke up the next day and everybody [was] messaging me [asking me if the person in the video was me]. I replied and said ‘Yes, it is me you know this, but how did you get my video?”. They responded that someone had sent the video to them. I then [proceeded] to go onto Facebook and Instagram where I saw persons were sharing my videos.”

As he reflected, Belgrave noted that he wanted to move away from the funny Quinn to the Quin he has always been which is the artiste. His offering for Crop Over 2017, Woii, is not a typical soca song as it makes no reference to ‘wukking up’. He described the song as a celebration of life and getting away from one’s problems.

He acknowledged encountering many problems in his bid to release the self-penned song but is pleased that he has finally done so and has received a positive response thus far.

Woii is a song about celebrating life; it is about getting away from all of the problems. When I wrote the song, I wrote it from a dark place as I had a lot going on mentally and in my life. It is a nice song but it is not the average ‘wuk up’ song. I had the song about three years now [but] every time I tried to release it, something happened, either no production or I had to cancel because of something or someone. So when I got the chance this year to [finally] [release] the song, I was like ‘Oh my God, I have succeeded’.”

The song was entered in the Sweet Soca competition but did not make it to the semi-finals.

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