Forde cries foul over Forty Acres house lots

Minister of Housing Denis Kellman is casting doubt on claims by Member of Parliament for St Thomas Cynthia Forde that 47 house spots at Forty Acres had been allocated to people who currently reside outside the parish.

Kellman told Barbados TODAY to be on the safe side he would check to verify the claims by Forde, who is maintaining she has seen a list which shows all of the spots have been allocated to non-St Thomas residents.

However, the minister was certain the Opposition Barbados Labour Party legislator had it wrong, insisting he had instructed General Manager of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) Lanette Napoleon-Young to allocate the house lots only to people who apply.

Cynthia Forde & Denis Kellman

“The spots do not have anybody’s name on them. If the Member of Parliament for the area submitted names or people came in they will be allocated a spot, but we do not keep spots for a particular parliamentarian,” Kellman explained.

In any event, the longstanding parliamentarian said, it would not be fair to channel house lots through parliamentary representatives because of insufficient land for home construction in some parishes.

“Prospective homeowners would find a lot of land in a parish like St Philip, but it would not be easy to find housing lots in St Michael or certain parts of Christ Church which are densely populated. Under these circumstances the NHC has to assign lots based on applications,” Kellman explained.

However, Forde is holding fast to her position, insisting that confirmation letters had already been sent to those who had been assigned the lots.

“I can only tell you the facts that are coming from inside the office on Country Road, St Michael [NHC]. I have been reliably informed that some people have already received letters confirming the allocation of the house spots. I have already sent off a letter to acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing Alies Jordan seeking clarification on the matter and I am awaiting a response,” she said.

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  1. Belfast June 30, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    A case of gerrymandering in the form of human trafficking? Look out both Kellman and his boss, are quite certain that they have the next election in the bag.


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