Budding DJs show their skill

The Inter-School DJ competition held over the weekend ended in a tie.

DJ Dynasty and DJ Da Vinci will share the title of DJ champion for this year after the event came to a premature end before the two could face off to determine the winner.

DJ Dynasty.
DJ Da Vinchi.11

There was an issue related to whether the venue had an entertainment license.

Nevertheless, all five contestants represented their schools well. DJ Dynasty (Lester Vaughn), DJ Da Vinci (Christ Church Foundation), DJ Ky (Lester Vaughn), DJ Prodigy (Alexandra & BCC) and DJ Lil Tris (Parkinson Memorial) brought the A Game in a well contested final.

Friends and family of DJ Da Vinchi.
DJ Ky.

Each DJ had a total of 15 minutes of performing time, which was divided into a 10 minute freestyle and a five minute themed set. DJ Dynasty and DJ Da Vinci were undoubtedly the crowd favorites. Their creativity in mixing and starching attracted tremendous applause from the audience and the judging panel of experienced 98.1 The One DJ’s headed by DJ Timeless.

Organizer, Shareeda Ali Martindale, told Bajan Vibes how the event came about.

“This is the third year and it was birthed at QC (Queen’s College) by a couple students. They wanted to find an event that would interest young kids but also help them to develop their skills in a positive way,” she said.

Martindale said the competition was fulfilling its mandate because they have seen a big improvement from the young DJs in their mixing, speaking, confidence and time management.

“I am proud because it’s okay to starch and do a mix at home but to actually go and perform on a stage,  to some of them it is actually the first time. I’ve seen the improvement,” she added.

Among their prizes, the winners will have an internship at one of their sponsors – radio station 98.1 The One.

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