Band leader appeals for support

The band leader of Tropical Fantasy is questioning why Bashment Soca is attracting more money than Kadooment bands.

“Why do you give so much money for Bashment and Crop Over people have to pull money that they don’t have to make this country’s biggest money earner a success?” asked Undine Rouse.

She went on: “Bands are crying out for support. We are not getting the money. Bashment Soca is getting more money than the band leaders. What does that say for our country?”

Her comments were made to Bajan Vibes in an interview on the sidelines of her band launch over the weekend at the Dover Beach Hotel.

Rouse knocked Government for allowing this state of affairs but welcomed the recent announcement of concessions for Kadooment bands. “We need the Government to support the small people more because right now we are not getting the help we should and we need the help,” she said.

Rouse, however, is pressing forward with her band even though it was a late launch. The band comprises three sections — Chelsea Flower Show, Gold Cup and Caribbean Connection (Carifesta).

Models sporting the Carifesta section.

She expressed concern that Crop Over was drifting from what it once was, citing a deterioration of Kadooment band costumes. “You want a tasteful Crop Over and to show the world that we are one family, we are not vulgar and we just need to have a good clean carnival,” she said.

“I hope it can change in the future because the Kadooment is deteriorating. I for one do not like to see how the young people and the old people [are] dressed on the streets. To me, it is they are giving up themselves. They have no self esteem. What do you want to portray?” she added .

Tropical Fantasy is catering for 300 people and the theme of Crop Over Kaleidoscope of Colours — is incorporated into the costumes.

3 Responses to Band leader appeals for support

  1. Ryan R A Charles
    Ryan R A Charles June 29, 2017 at 11:18 am

    She does have a point. Grand kadooment is also a part of the festival and it is not getting the recognition that it deserve. More money is spent on the Calypso events and parties while band leaders have to scrape the barrel just to get whatever is left.

    Producing a band is what it is….a production and its sad that most bandleaders have to pull money out if their own pockets to get the band on the road. People only see the end product but don’t know the struggle behind it

  2. Nico HL Beckles
    Nico HL Beckles June 29, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Stupse 9 years now you get zero support so why these feel it gonna magically happen now? It’ll keep happening til more and more bands drop out then grand kadooment look like a local pageant show motorcade

  3. Adrian June 29, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Why mention Basement Soca? Just make your case without suggesting that you are more worthy than someone else.


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