Accused men granted bail on fraud charges

Attorney-at-law Ajamu Boardi was Wednesday able to persuade a Bridgetown magistrate that his 39-year-old client should be released on bail, despite strong objections from a prosecutor that he be remanded.

Noel Lionel Taylor of Galloway Lane, Waterford, St Michael appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick charged with a number of fraud offences, as well as a joint charge with 17-year-old Trifai Steffori O’Brian Barker of Passage Road, St Michael.

It is alleged that Taylor, with intent to defraud, did put off a forged bill of exchange purporting to be a RBC Royal Bank (Barbados) Limited cheque payable to Marcus Fred Lashley, for $1,270, knowing it was forged.

Barker is also jointly charged with Taylor that, with intent to defraud, they endeavored to obtain from Fusionz Boutique, clothing and money valued at $1, 270 by virtue of a forged cheque purporting to be payable to Marcus Fred Lashley, knowing it to be forged. Barker is separately accused of having intent to defraud when he uttered the same cheque to Fusionz Boutique.

The two men were not required to plead to the indictable charges. The offences were all allegedly committed on June 24.

Taylor is separately charged with the December 22, 2016 offence of dishonestly obtaining from Lucky Horseshoe, $650.10, with intent to permanently deprive Paul’s Enterprise Limited by deception, by falsely representing that a Paul’s Enterprises gaming voucher which he produced and delivered was a good and valid order for the payment of the said amount.

He denied that allegation.

Noel Lionel Taylor

Taylor also said he was not guilty of entering the home of Reuben Beckles on February 7, 2015 and stealing $900 belonging to the homeowner.

Police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid told Magistrate Douglas Frederick he had no objections to Barker, who is represented by attorney-at-law Danielle Donawa, being granted bail. But he put forward several objections to Taylor’s release.

Sergeant Reid said Taylor already had a number of matters of “a similar character and nature” before the court, for which he was previously granted bail.

The prosecutor also pointed to the accused man’s antecedents, which were similar in nature and showed “a constant trend or pattern of behaviour”.

“We believed if the accused is granted bail he will reoffend,” Reid said. “There is a need, Sir, to protect society from Taylor and to protect him from himself.”

However, Boardi made it clear that such an objection could only be based on the presumption that his client was guilty.

Trifai Steffori O’Brian Barker

“He pleaded not guilty and is innocent until proven [otherwise],” the attorney said.

He also stated that Taylor, who is self-employed, was the sole bread winner for his household which includes an ailing mother and disabled brother.

The attorney also argued that his client’s previous offences were all committed within a certain period, and “he paid his debt to society, took responsibility for his action, entered a guilty plea and served his time”.

However, it was revealed that Taylor had only been released from HMP Dodds back in June last year.

“He is starting to show a propensity for this type of offence, because his name is being called all the time . . . .That is a lot of allegations on his shoulder,” pointed out Magistrate Frederick.

Despite this, he granted Taylor bail, noting that while it was alleged he was “a con man” he was “not a man who is violent and the matters would take a little while because they were indictable”.

He was then released on $10,000 bail which he secured with one surety. Taylor was ordered to report to the District ‘A’ Police Station every Wednesday before 10 a.m., with valid identification, as a condition of his bail.

Barker also secured bail with a $10,000 surety and was told to return to court on August 28, along with Taylor.

However, as Barker was exiting through the doors of the No. 1 Court, he was apprehended by waiting officers.

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  1. Mack June 29, 2017 at 8:04 am

    Mr Prosecutor, men are out there free on bail after being charged with murder. I think the system might not take you very serious on your objection to bail for this non violent ofence. Things Have Changed in Barbados.!!!!


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