Girl Guides jumping with a purpose

The Girl Guides Association is participating in Junior Kadooment this year, but not just for the revelry.

Each child who participates in the band will be wearing a costume with a positive message, according to band leader Hetty Stoute-Oni, who said the focus is on the three things needed in the world today: unity, love and peace.

The band, Signs, Symbols and Things, is designed by Adebola Oni.

“It was fun this year to design the band, because we got to use a mixture of standard symbols like road symbols and mix [them] with African symbols, as well as traditional symbols like hearts and white feathers for peace,” Oni said.

From left, Ajani Howard wearing a costume from the ‘Let There Be Peace in the World’ section, Graison Belgrave wearing a ‘Consider the Power of Love’ costume, Jaisa Howard wearing a costume from the ‘Let’s Unite’ section, and Bailey Belgrave in a costume from ‘Consider the Power of Love’.
A back view of the costumes from left, ‘Let There Be Peace in the World’, ‘Consider the Power of Love’, ‘Let’s Unite’ and ‘Consider the Power of Love’.

“So, it was an interesting creative challenge to put it all together and make a cohesive costume that was interesting to understand.”

The band has three sections: Consider the Power of LoveLet’s Unite and Let There Be Peace in the World.

The first section features costumes with a hexagon sign and the words “Stop. Consider the Power of Love”; the costumes in the second section incorporate traditional Ghanian colours; and children in the third section will wear white with feathers, symbolizing peace.

Soute-Oni is hoping to get 150 children to jump with the band for Junior Kadooment on July 22.

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