Suspended sentence for cocaine apparatus

A Bridgetown magistrate recently imposed a six-month suspended sentence on a 46-year-old man who confessed to having cocaine paraphernalia.

Last month, Darwin Delvin Neblett of 2nd Avenue, Thomas Gap, President Kennedy Drive, St Michael pleaded guilty to having apparatus intended for the use of cocaine on April 7.

Lawmen were on duty along Fontabelle, St Michael, just outside Kensington Oval, when they saw Neblett and stopped him because he was wanted in connection with another matter.

But before taking him into custody, a search was conducted of his person and a small bottle, which had an opened end with wire mesh attached, was found in his back pocket.

Asked to account for the drug paraphernalia, Neblett said: “That is my pipe. I have a serious drug problem.”

He was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital for assessment but officials there said he was not a suitable candidate for the Verdun House rehabilitation programme.

Neblett was then transferred to HMP Dodds on May 24 and returned to the District ‘A’ Magistrate for sentencing.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick imposed the six-month prison sentence, suspended for nine months. That meant that if Neblett lands himself in trouble within the next nine months, he will have to serve the jail time.

Once his shackles were taken off, Neblett walked out of the courtroom, pumping his first several times in the air as he walked across the courtyard.

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