Students get online advice

A visiting educator at the University of West Indies (UWI) is advising the authorities to seriously consider introducing technology and internet safety into the secondary school curriculum.

UWI School of Education scholar Dr Kay Xuereb, a specialist in internet security and information and communications technology, said in this age of advanced technology students from both primary and secondary schools needed to be taught everything about the subject, including the not-so-obvious pitfalls.

“We have to try and make sure our students are digital citizens. They cannot do that alone. Just as we would educate them in other areas of the curriculum, this now needs to be part of the curriculum in schools.

“I do feel very strongly about that and I feel we need to equip our students for life in the 21st century, and for them it does include technology. So it has to be part and parcel of their education,” Dr Xuereb told the media while presenting at an internet safety seminar for three secondary schools at the World Health Organisation/Pan American Health Organisation, Dayrell’s Road St Michael headquarters.   

“I feel that we need to make sure that a curriculum . . .  takes account of technology. I believe that education is the basis of making sure that our students are more responsible . . . education has to be the key,” she added.

The 32 students of Unique High School, St Michael’s School and Seventh Day Adventist Secondary were urged by educator to be cautious when posting online.

Dr Xuereb warned the adolescents that their digital footprint would follow them until they reached adulthood, so it was in their best interest to a wary when posting photographs or video online.

“You have a digital footprint; whatever you share today never disappears . . .  next year, next five years. Those times when you applying for that college or that job you want, your online profile will be investigated, so whatever you are posting now will be there for others to see. It is evidence,” she advised.

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