DLP’s ‘Thorne’

BLP candidate pierces Boyce’s Christ Church South lead

It would seem that Member of Parliament for Christ Church South John Boyce will have a tough time pulling from his side the ‘thorne’ that will be his opponent in the upcoming general election.

Boyce had beaten the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) Dr Jerome Walcott by a comfortable 601 votes in the 2013 election, polling 2,663 votes to 2,062 by Dr Walcott.

However, with voters increasingly becoming overburdened by taxes imposed by the governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP), and many saying they simply cannot see their way out of the tough times, many of those
who voted for Boyce last time round are planning to withhold their support come next polling day, a Pulse of the People random survey has found.

And while there were no clear signs that they were rushing in droves to first-time candidate Ralph Thorne of the BLP, what is evident is that the Opposition party is not losing any of its support.

“I voted for Boyce last time, but never again,” said one constituent in Oistins, Barbados TODAY’s first stop on the visit to the constituency.

That voter expressed in the clearest of terms what many of Boyce’s supporters in Oistins telegraphed, most of whom simply said they intended to stay home on election day.

“It doesn’t matter who represents me. I ain’t pon no side,” said a man who wanted to remain anonymous.

“They never did anything for me.”    

At Dicia’s Beer Garden & Grill, one man also did not want to be named, was relaxing with his friends.

He had been a long-time DLP voter, but vowed never to cast his ballot for the party again, meaning one more vote lost for Boyce.

“[There is] no difference, whether Bee or Dee . . . the same thing,” he said.

Juetta Prescod

Over at Scarborough Juetta Prescod did not hesitate to declare her hand.

“Ralph Thorne,” Prescod exclaimed, convinced that a vote for the senior attorney-at-law would improve her social and economic situation.

“I feel I would get something do better out here,” said the 70-year-old former fish cleaner.

Her neighbour Ralph Layne was also rooting for the newcomer, a prominent defence lawyer and Queen’s Counsel.

Ralph Layne

“Ralph Thorne [because] . . . I think he is a good man,” Layne stated, noting that he always supported the BLP.

Another Scarborough resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, was not certain where her vote would go.

“To be honest, I can’t say right now. So much things happening right now . . . I got to [carefully consider] first before [deciding] who I would like, or who I won’t like to be honest with you. So I don’t know who I want to represent me or who I don’t want to represent,” the Christ Church South constituent emphasized.

Amid the lack of enthusiasm for the current Member of Parliament, a worrying theme also emerged – that of a number of people, including a self-employed youth who did not want to be identified, prepared to trade their votes for money.   

“I backing everybody, cause I want money from all though. Everybody, I backing,” he said.

And he was not alone. Another voter, who was part of a group of young men was unabashed about his willingness to peddle his vote.

“Who pay me the most [I voting for],” proclaimed the man who was engaged in house repairs.

Another youngster on the same block put the issue of the sale of votes in perspective.

“Everybody want money. Money run the world and you know dah. Money does mek people do some of the worse stupidest things and then you does got to pay the consequences, you understand?”

Yet another young man joined in the conversation, suggesting that as struggling self-employed people they could not drive around in big luxury vehicles like politicians do and they had no intention of ever voting.

Another man who was with him had no interest in who was responsible for looking after his interest in the constituency.

“I really don’t care who represent me, cause I still got to look for what I want myself,” he pointed out.

On leaving Scarborough, Barbados TODAY journeyed to Pegwell where disenchanted DLP supporter Alwin Taylor did not hesitate to share his feelings about his representative.

“To be honest, I is a Dee, but  . . . they got some people that does come from the Barbados Labour Party come and shout me asking me this and asking that. I tell them, ‘listen, you see next year, I ain’t voting for nobody because if you putting in people and them telling you one thing and then doing another thing . . . I can’t understand that,’” said Taylor, who was visiting his friend John, a physically disabled constituent and avid supporter of the Opposition BLP.

“The Government ain’t saying nutten . . . . Right now I think there is need for a change,” John said.

Angela Ward was plaiting a man’s hair in her verandah when Barbados TODAY approached her in Pegwell.

Angela Ward was plaiting a man’s hair in her verandah when we approached her in Pegwell. Ward’s response was unequivocal when we asked whom she planned to for in the next election.

“The Barbados Labour Party . . . Ralph Thorne,” she all but shouted.

“That is the only party I ever voted for, and that is the one I will continue to vote for,” the unapologetic BLP faithful insisted.

Esther Cumberbatch

Home helper Esther Cumberbatch is a praying woman who believes Barbados will get back on its feet.

Still, unlike wheelchair bound Denise Wiltshire, she remained undecided.

Wiltshire made it clear she would follow what she believed was wise counsel many years ago from her now dead aunt.

“My great aunt dead and tell me . . . ‘Denise, never leff out the Barbados Labour Party’.  I in my 80s now and I do what she said,” Wiltshire told Barbados TODAY.

Our final stop was Enterprise where more undecided voters emerged.  A woman, who preferred to be referred to as Sobers said she simply did not know who would get her vote.

“I have not made up my mind,” she said, noting that it was a hard thing to do right now considering the amount of taxes imposed on the population.

There was also a man, dressed in his cycle shorts, who wanted to be called Spoiler 360.

He contended the country had hit rock bottom and it was time to go in a different direction.

“I don’t think it could get any worse than that. [Change] is long overdue,” he said.


12 Responses to DLP’s ‘Thorne’

  1. Greengiant June 24, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Another Lawyer, will make no difference. Plenty debating, little or no legislation passing and the legal system will still be in a mess. Don’t vote for no lawyers, let them stay in the courts and work for the people.

    Lawyers have failed this country for too long, they don’t understand how to manage nothing.

  2. Francis June 24, 2017 at 6:09 am

    None of these so call talks to the people ln any constituency
    Shows a DLP candidate winning????

    • harry turnover June 24, 2017 at 7:08 am

      Frances as a DEM you might find it strange but not me.None of them will WIN…yes…. they WILL get votes but not enough to WIN as yard fowls and poling cocks will give DEM a false hope.
      Look,NONE AH DEM will win…not even in St.John…understand dem johnnies fed up with DEM where history as far as I know will be created.
      …..and history will also be created when a GOVERNING Party LOSES ALL OF THEIR THE SEATS.Afterwards Mia in conjunction with the GG will appoint 5 members of the BUSINESS COMMUNITY to sit on the Opposition benches to keep the Government in check..but she doesn’t have to.

  3. Ricci Khan June 24, 2017 at 6:20 am

    True Francis. I find it very strange. Read tomorrow’s Sunday Sun and see what the Poll that they pay for predict as well.

  4. Greengiant June 24, 2017 at 7:15 am

    The polls, these ‘ rubbing shoulders, or pulse of the people ‘ media strtegies are not designed to show anybody winning but the B L P. These opinion polls are to influence those who want to follow the popular swing. It’s the oldest political strategy in the book, but it’s done in desperation. Notice how we’re getting calls for election from all corners and speakers from the opposition, there is desperation within that party and I wonder why.

    What is about to happen that’s making them so nervous? Even the silent knight has awaken from his politically induced coma. George Payne appeared comatosed under the Arthur administration. Remember how he went to parliament, drew the people’s money but contributed absolutely nothing to debates?
    Imagine the B L P a decade on voting the said Payne as chairman of the party, and now that Arthur has spoken on the quality of proposals from the MOF he has jumped to support the same arthur. However his leader in the house who has been so boisterously attacking the government and the MOF is silent on the arthur remarks. Is she afraid to call the name Arthur? Does she think that calling the name would cast a spell on her leadership chances? Well, from the looks of it, the spell has already been cast. The issue surrounding her professional qualification and apparent admission by class to the Bar has now cast another shadow of controversy around her, and the B L P under the chairmanship of Payn may sacrifice her, rather than having personal issues affect the campaign and the party’s chances of being reelected. Only time will tell what’s in the move with the chairman speaking publicly on the party’s behalf. What’s possible though may be that the chairman speaks for the B L P as party leader, while the opposition leader speaks for the opposition parliamentary group as their elected leader. As the song written by the group ‘A taste of Honey’.
    says ” whatever is deep inside the opposition party will all reveal in time “.

    • Robert Deschappe June 25, 2017 at 8:46 am

      You wrote a whole heap of rubbish, which is typical of a political yard-fowl.

      George Pilgrim is only the DLP’s General Secretary, and he speaks on issues relative to government policies. So what if Payne spoke?

      “The issue surrounding her professional qualification and apparent admission by class to the Bar has now cast another shadow of controversy around her,” is another “MISCHIEVOUS RUSE” and nonsense created by the DLP to DISTRACT people from the real issues.

      As Attorney General of Barbados, Adriel Brathwaite is LEADER of the BAR of Barbados and Parliament’s and Government’s PRINCIPAL LEGAL ADVISOR.

      In June 2015, he PROMISED to COMMIT the Office of the Attorney General to INVESTIGATE whether or not Mottley was practicing law in Barbados legally. In June 2017, two years later, Brathwaite has NOT revealed the status of that investigation nor has he revealed to Barbadians if Mottley is LEGITIMATELY QUALIFIED to practice law.

      Green Giant, COMMON SENSE (if you have any) should tell you if Brathwaite is LEADER of the BAR of Barbados and he has been UNABLE for the PAST TWO YEARS to tell Barbadians whether or not Mottley is a fraudulent lawyer, there isn’t any evidence to suggest she is.

      Why do you DLP people try to use pejorative remarks and innuendo to suggest Mottley is not a lawyer, unless it is for purposes of political expediency?

      And Green Giant, you have a lawyer within your ranks who may possess an LEC, but I’m sure you’ll purposely forget he was ORDERED by the Court to return funds he ILLEGALLY WITH-HELD, for several years, from his former ELDERLY wheel chair bound client. Does this cast a shadow of controversy around him as well?

  5. just observing June 24, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Right now the Minister of Finance does not have a clue and the PM refuses to remove him from that position. What choice do we have to get us out of the situation we are in ? If we must change Sammy for Lammy then so be it. A new inexperienced party at this time will maybe finish wreck an economy that needs seriuos delicate handling. You DLP talkers need to listen to the conversations in shops supermarkets get togehers etc and hear what the masses are saying and it don’t sound to good. The people are talking behind doors closed or not !

    • Sherlock Holmes. June 24, 2017 at 11:10 pm

      That is very true… your sentiments are correct and they should take heed and i mean your point on listening to the conversations out in the general public.

  6. Moonshine June 24, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    What good man? Beware of wolves in Sheep clothing!

  7. Sherlock Holmes. June 24, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    This reporter would be well at home at CNN he has their tactics down packed to a T.

  8. chris hill June 25, 2017 at 9:08 am

    i am reading alot of hopes and prayers stories. This is not going to make barbados any better. Get out and vote will, make the effort that is your right in a democracy firstly and secondly if what is happening over the last 9 years guide your decision.

  9. Jherri Santana June 27, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Hey folks..honestly speaking…the DLP has lietrally squandered many opportunities to gain greater favour with the voters…..

    The Pm had intimated that the alleged vote buying in last election would be investigated,,the Ag said the issue of MIA lawyer credential status would be checked out…. Chris made sure the 10% was repaid handsomely to the MPs… there re a more credibility issues surrounding the DLP than the BLP….

    THe BLP issues: Maria Agard ejection from party
    The Hardwood mystery
    The Gems debacle
    The Al Barrack Saga
    The Multi Million $$ Dodds Prison
    The Fly Over Drama
    The Edutech Nightmare
    The Greenland Landfill odyssey
    The St Joseph Hospital Case
    just to name a few…

    Four Seasons..(Gone with the wind?)
    Clico & Baico Fiasco
    BNTOCL Sale…up in the air)
    The Grotto..??
    The $900million ???
    The Promised SSA Trucks..still waiting
    TB buses…up in the air
    Printing money…CBB & NIS borrowings… How secure these institutions..
    The Unceremonious firng of CBB Governor Worrell
    THE MOE: the ongoing war of words of unions & Min of Education
    The restoration of 10% to MPs
    The continual taxation of the people..no raises no allowances ,,nothing ..
    Lack of clarity on many issues affecting populace..just lots of talk and platitudes… wiil the real govt of Barbados stand up and speak up? why the silence on many issues?

    If u are so sure u r doing the right thing why the uncommunicative stance of many minsters and Pm?

    Except for Don, .Kelly & Jones the other Ministers on mute mostly?


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