A plea for the oppressed American People

“Last year I promised to be a voice against repression…and a voice for the freedom of the Cuban people.” Donald Trump (Little Havana, Miami, June 16, 2017)

For full eleven score and ten years now, since 1787, a deep encrustation has built up in the heart of Washington, USA; this encrustation, a coterie of senators, military industrialists, bankers, media and spies (CIA, NSA, FBI and 14 other agencies), are now taking the American people, and perhaps the people of the planet, to hell in a coconut shell. Pat Buchanan, former US Presidential candidate, has called this encrustation a “deep state, a permanent regime.”

While most nations vie for multilateral power, the USA and her cohorts in Europe, notably Britain, insist on Empire. The US has become a law unto itself; it backslides on critical progressive agreements: treaties with the native Indians, Lincoln’s Emancipation charter; agreements on Nuclear Disarmament, anti-Ballistic missiles, Global Warming.

Why has the US citizenry – with its great tradition of resistance, John Brown, Muhammad Ali, Flower Power, Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden – become fodder for terror and extreme action, seemingly unable to save themselves? With their institutions and political parties feuding like dogs? Why, declaring themselves to be the freest of the free, the boldest of the bold, the most democratic of the democratic, and owing the right to bear arms and a host of utopian charters, the Constitution, Bills, Amendments, do we have a people so unfree, So oppressed?

Here are seven footsteps to the bondage of the people of the United States:

1.      As soon as the famous Constitution (1787), the Bill of Rights (1791), was signed in the US, no sooner had the ink dried, than the American Government re-energized itselves to liquidate millions of native peoples in wars, betrayals and segregation, lasting until the beginning of the 20th century. It was done under the flag, the banner of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” (US Declaration of Independence, 1776).

2.      The Government continued the fascistic, sadistic, genocidal habit of slavery, corralling, punishing, hanging and sodomising African slaves. Even though Lincoln carved out promises to the “freed” slaves of the 1860s, one hundred years later, when most of these promises were withdrawn, the descendants of slaves were still fighting for basic civil rights on the streets in this segregation-rife nation.

3.      The Monroe Doctrine (1823) gave the US Government the right to cherry-pick the economy of the Americas, without hustle from the grubby thieving paws of Europe. The Louisiana Purchase (1803) had extended their conquest Westwards; Mexican Wars extended their domains and theft of land Southwards; and wars into the Pacific, attendant to a burgeoning economy, an industrial revolution and an enhanced navy, in the second half of the 19th century, gave the US gunboat diplomatic terror over Japanese and Chinese ports and territory.

4.      In the first eighty years of the 20th century the Americas, from Cuba to Chile, became the US’s corporate suzerain; large mines, fruit corporations, banks, backed by installed friendly governments, satrap classes, the CIA and brute insurgencies and assassinations of sovereign states and their leaders. Millions of peasants, workers, journalists, ordinary citizens of conscience, disappeared in this war orchestrated by the US Government.

5.     Cold War was never cold, it was hot. After the end of World War II, the US romped in earnest onto the global stage; with wars in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and North East and South East Asia. Not daring to confront the USSR Empire directly, their proxy wars left a score of millions dead.

6.      More rampant was the US Government, the so called neo-Conservatives, after the fall of the Soviet Union. They decided to literally take out all the perceived opposition in the Middle East: in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon. They practiced direct warfare, and upon the fall of the Bushes, strategic disengagement (war by friendly terrorists): demonization of leaders in their mainstream media; political and ideological infiltration; military support for “opposition” groups and  terrorists; assassinations; remote and discrete drone, high altitude, laser guided, electronic warfare; arms support for friendly governments. Slaughter upon slaughter upon slaughter!

7.      The US is the largest supplier of weapons to governments and insurgents of terror. In classic divide and rule imperialism, they are now arming the Saudis and the Qataris to the tune of $US200 billion.  Their blockades, military bases, CIA cells, global hacking and surveillance, nuclearized ships and submarines, have the planet in a military chokehold. From the Western Atlantic to the East China Sea in the Pacific, they have invested themselves with a self-defeating, paranoid, neurotic, sadistic militarism.

The US is managed by a dictatorship of the Senate, on behalf of global military, media, and banking corporate despots. Against this, one celebrity feels she wants to “burn” down the Whitehouse; another “beheads” the President; seven stab “tyrant Caesar”, another shoots a Congressman. What do these actions and symbolic acts mean? It was piteous to see, in 1935, Germany, at the height of its power, with astounding achievements in the social, economic and military arts, its citizenry, rushing so cavalierly, as happy as pappy, to its own destruction, vaunting the very thing, Hitler, the Nazi Party, that would ultimately devastate it, and send it to hell in a coconut shell.

 (Wayne Kublalsingh, a former university lecturer, is a Trinidadian commentator on current affairs)

One Response to A plea for the oppressed American People

  1. Othneal June 23, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    This potted history of the United States highlights some unsavoury facts about that Nation. It’s despicable origin and it’s modus operandi as an agent of the devil himself. What other nation displays,”In God we Trust” on it’s currency and at the same time maintains the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction seen any where on earth.
    The nation was built on deceit, cruelty, barbarity and copious amounts of bloodshed. Such a nation will perish as it came into existence. In a state brutality, decadence and putrification. A slow, lingering end. We are witnessing the beginnings of the process now. “We ain’t seen nothing yet”
    Shakespeare once wrote “The evil that men do live after them. The good is oft’ intered with their bones”. Of course not all Americans epitomize evil. There are a few decent humans there. However the majority are descended from psychopathic transportees of European nations, notably The British Empire. This gene pool continue to proliferate.
    Congratulations on your excellent observations.


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