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Magistrate answers drug addict’s call for help

He requested help for his drug habit and that’s just what Shawn Antonio Holder got when he appeared in a Bridgetown Magistrates’ Court Thursday.

The 40-year-old King William Street, St Michael resident pleaded guilty to having apparatus for the purpose of using cocaine, and was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Police were on Combermere Street Wednesday when they saw Holder outside a residence fidgeting with his pants pocket. They requested a search of him and a bottle with a hole at the bottom was found on Holder.

He told police he used the paraphernalia to “pipe cocaine”.

The man, who is known to the law courts, started his mitigation by telling Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that he had a good heart but found himself using drugs because of depression.

“The loss of my family . . . my job. .  . I have been depressed and stressed,” Holder said. “I strongly believe that with some help I can kick the habit.”

However, the magistrate explained to him that to get the type of help he needed, he would first have to be remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital for a period of three weeks, during which time he would be assessed.

She then asked Holder whether he still wanted the help. He responded in the affirmative.

As Cuffy-Sargeant was writing up the document for his transfer, he told her that he was minded to pay a fine instead.

However, after a bit more time to consider his options, Holder confirmed that he wanted the help.

He returns to court on July 14.

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