Sagicor family’s oldest father celebrated

One of the island’s oldest and better known fathers was the centre of attention last weekend.

Astor B. Watts, the 95-year-old well-known contributor to call-in radio programmes, was recognized as an outstanding father and longstanding Sagicor Life customer during activities that coincided with Father’s Day celebrations.

Ninety-five year-old Sagicor customer, Astor B. Watts (second from left), was showered with Father’s Day gifts by Sagicor Life executives, Patricia Brathwaite-Marshall (VP of Group Health), Financial Advisor Maurice Norville, Raoul Williams (VP of Insurance Operations) and Kenrick  Austin (Assistant VP of Insurance Operations).

He was visited at his St Michael residence by executives of the insurance company who presented him with special Father’s Day treats as well as recognition gifts for his 44 years as a customer.

“I truly appreciate the gesture and I am happy that they came to see me,” said a very coherent and articulate Watts. “I took out a policy with the Barbados Mutual back in the 1970s and I always believed that insurance is a good stepping stone for security in life.”

Barbados Mutual was the predecessor of Sagicor Life.

Vice-President of Insurance Operations Raoul Williams said the company was happy to visit and present gifts to Watts, who was a special and highly valued member of the Sagicor family.

“We wanted to congratulate Mr Watts for being the oldest father in the Sagicor family and for being one of our longest-serving policyholders. We also wish him many more years of good health and pray that he reaches the milestone of 100 years so that we can further celebrate with him,” said Williams.

After thanking the Sagicor executives for their visit and gifts, Watts, who celebrates his 96th birthday next April, engaged them in lively conversation, telling stories of his interesting life.

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