Magical day for children

Forty-five children were treated to a day of fun, surprises and education yesterday during the seventh annual Magical Island Safari Tour.

The children – some of whom are from less fortunate families and others who are stars in their communities – toured the island along with several local celebrities, including Anderson Blood Armstrong, Stedson RPB Wiltshire, Carl Alff Padmore and Mac Fingall.

Julie Dash and Mac Fingal having funwith some of the children selected to be a part of the Magical Island Safari.

After a breakfast at Emerald City Supermarket in Six Roads, St Philip, sponsored by managing director Andrew Bynoe, and having their faces painted in a range of characters by Tracy Scott and Jennifer Fitzgerald, the children eagerly hopped into the five Island Safari vehicles, each one with a local personality on board.

They then went on a tour that passed through Edgcliffe, St John; Bathsheba, St Joseph; Cove Bay, St Lucy, and Moon Town, St Lucy, where Member of Parliament for the area Denis Kellman sponsored lunch.

The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the safari, with many of them singing and dancing at each of the stops along the route.

They got to see historic sites as well as some of the island’s tourist attractions such as the Morgan Lewis Windmill and the Gun Hill Signal Station. The youngsters also got some life lessons from Fingall, a comedian and former teacher, who talked to them sternly about discipline, manners, self-respect, integrity and honesty.

When the children arrived at Moon Town, not only did they have lunch, but they were in for another surprise. They each received a computer tablet and also participated in a lucky dip and won watches, t-shirts and electronic devices.

Organizer Julie Dash thanked all the sponsors who made the event possible, as well as the local personalities who made the day special for the children, who had been nominated by members of the public.

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  1. John Everatt June 20, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Great idea and looks like they all had a good time. Kudos to those who sponsored and those who organized this outing. It is wonderful to see such things happening here in Barbados.


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