29 swimmers for championships

Thirteen female and 16 male swimmers will be representing Barbados at this year’s Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships in Trinidad and Tobago between June 22 and July 3.

The swim team will be captained by Alex Sobers and Lani Cabrera in the pool, while the open water swim team is captained by Rebecca Lashley. The squad is currently completing preparations. The open water swim team will travel to the twin-island republic on June 22 and return on June 27. The pool swimmers fly out on June 26 and return July 3.

The squad is: Lani Cabrera, Alex Sobers, Rebecca Lashley, Aza Dunwoody, Christopher Pollard, Keilani Talma, Zachary Taylor, Adia Deane, Kai Trotman, Kayla Renwick, Omari Sealy, Danielle Titus, Nkosi Dunwoody, Ashley Weekes, McCallum Clarke, Danielle Treasure, Tristan Pragnell, Zahra Gaskin, Roan Baker, Mckayla Treasure, Damon St. Prix, Luis Sebastian Weekes, Jack Kirby, Jumar Walrond, Amelie Baker, Danielle Clarke, Eric Lashley and Nathaniel Roach and Christopher Courtis.

Darny Olalde Hernandez will be the head coach and Antonio Petrolanda coach of the swimming team with Andrea Titus the team manager and Merville Sealy the official chaperone. Aisha Norville is coach of the open water team with Samantha Clarke the team manager and Matthew Lashley the team chaperone. 

The championship will be streamed live via the Amateur Swimming Association of Trinidad & Tobago website.

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