Schools road tennis starts Monday

For the first time ever, students from all secondary schools across Barbados will have the chance to serve it up.

This is because starting from Monday the inaugural A1 Supermarkets/Berger Paints/Rubis National Secondary Schools Road Tennis Championship gets underway.

Last year was the first attempt of a competition for Barbados’ only indigenous sport at the primary school level, and this year the secondary schools will be involved over a two-week period in the divisions of Under 19 and Under 15, thanks to a joint effort by the Barbados Association Of Public Secondary Schools Principals and the National Sports Council.

On the sidelines of the launch of the competition at the Springer Memorial School Friday afternoon, organiser of the tournament Ricardo Marshall explained the format the competition will take.

Students of the Daryll Jordan School on parade at the launch of the A1 Supermarket /Berger Paints/ Rubis National Secondary Schools Road Tennis Championship.

“It would be round-robin, in a week’s time one of the competitions should be finished, there are two zones which are broken in half and then we will have quarter finals and finals.”

Marshall added the tournament was an opportunity for players to showcase their talent and highlight the youth in a positive way.

“For you the players, let your participation be the launching pad to show your friends, family and peers your intention is to break the notion that all youth are the same. Better yet, let your attitude and positive endeavours inspire other students to be good doers advocating for positive change.

“While some might see a win on the court as a big victory, there are many victories to be won off the court as most time is spent not playing.  So I ask you today to show hero qualities,” Marshall urged.

After the launch the various schools participating in the tournament paraded around the Springer Memorial and top local player Emar Edwards took on veteran road tennis champion player Julian “Michael Jackson” White in an exhibition match.

Source: (AGB)

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