Mia again!

Opposition Leader headed for a sixth straight victory in St Michael North East

It’s all over, bar the election.

If the latest Pulse of the People informal poll is anything to go by, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is not only a shoo-in for re-election in St Michael North East, but is also very likely to increase her victory margin whenever the election bell is rung.

During a tour of the constituency this week, Barbados TODAY spoke to several residents, the majority of whom – 80 per cent – said they were sticking with Mottley, who has been representing the area in Parliament for the past 23 years.

In her last outing in 2013, Mottley comprehensively defeated the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate Patricia Inniss by 1,918 votes, polling 3,495 votes to Inniss’ 1,577.

And with the DLP yet to say who will carry its St Michael North East banner in the next election, Mottley, the leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP), appears to be on course for another resounding win at the constituency level, even though the little-known Citizens Action Partnership (CAP) – one of the island’s newest fringe political parties formed earlier this year – has taken the bold decision of fielding a rookie political candidate, security guard Peter Rock, in the area already classified as ‘Mottley country’.

With that said, utopia does not exist in St Michael North East. In fact, not everyone appeared pleased with Mottley’s representation.

Another important factor that could sway the outcome of the next election in St Michael North East is the number of residents who are either undecided or fed up with both the BLP and the DLP, even though Mottley is expected to buck any such national trend.

The first stop on the team’s three-hour journey in the constituency was Bibby’s Lane, where a man , who is clearly among the disillusioned voters, complained that he had not been getting any representation from anybody.

“This Government is the worse. ” he told Barbados TODAY, adding: “I doubt I will vote . . . I am undecided.”

Ordene Forde, another Bibby’s Lane resident, was also undecided.

The pensioner, who took the team on a tour of her rat-infested and semi-dilapidated wooden house, said while she voted for Mottley in the last election, she was not yet convinced she should do so again.

“I suffering bad. I’m undecided,” Forde said.

Her neighbour, who is referred to as Miss Inniss, had a tongue-lashing for both the Government and Mottley, and promised to stay away from the next poll, which is constitutionally due here by the middle of next year.

“I don’t get representation from anybody. The Government is no help to me. I don’t see Mia. I asked for a job, but they never noticed me. I am not voting for a soul. I vote every year for people and don’t get any assistance,” the disgruntled resident said.

However, calypsonian Mac Maclone Termite Nicholls said Mottley could count on five votes from his household.

“Everybody in my house voting for she,” said Nicholls, who was conducting business at his small village shop in Bibby’s Lane when Barbados TODAY visited.

Over at Lears, Bonney Blackman said she was going with the flow.

“It doesn’t matter who is in power . . . which candidate they send. It’s all the same,” she said.

However, suggesting that Mottley was a sure winner, 18-year-old Shakeem Crichlow described the Opposition Leader as a strong representative.

“She stands up for the people. I voting for Mia,” Crichlow said.   

Samuel Phillips, who voted for the DLP in the last election, was yet to make up his mind who would get his vote. So was retired Anglican priest Reverend Ivan Harewood.

“I am undecided. I don’t know who I will vote for,” Harewood said.

However, another Lears resident who did not want to be identified, but who had been voting for her from the time she started in St Michael North East, said a victory for the BLP leader was a foregone conclusion.

“My choice is Miss Mottley. It’s Miss Mottley,” he said, pointing out that “even if I don’t favour the BLP, it’s Miss Mottley in terms of her solutions as a candidate [and] her work in the constituency”.

From Lears, the Pulse of the People team moved over to Bush Hall, a longstanding Mottley stronghold, where support for the Opposition Leader was simply overwhelming.

One resident, who wanted to be referred to simply as Arnold, suggested Barbadians should give Mottley a chance to serve as Prime Minister since she was trying to push forward the country.

“It is so confused right now, but Mia should be given a chance to lead,” he said, while describing Mottley as “helpful” and revealing that he had voted for her in the past.

Dwayne Thornhill was emphatic he is voting for the Opposition.

“The BLP!” he replied when asked who he wanted to represent him at the next election.

His sentiments were echoed by several other constituents, including Ishmael Gilkes who argued that “when Mia [BLP] was in power, things were really good.

“There is nothing now under the DLP. Things are not as happy as before,” Gilkes said.

“Mia Mottley for sure,” added Nioka Pile.

Another Bush Hall resident, Eric Payne, said Mottley was “a good woman” who was assured of his backing.

“Mia would get my vote.” Payne said.

However, there were those like Charles Bayley who remains undecided, others such as Cheryl Howell and two other residents who gave their names as Cathy Anne and Sherley, said Mottley would make a good Prime Minister and should be given an opportunity to run the country.

And there were those like Sherroll Walkes who described Mottley as a down-to-earth person who cares about her constituents and her country.

17 Responses to Mia again!

  1. Arthur Collymore
    Arthur Collymore June 17, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Vote Mia as candidate for St Michael North East, Elect Mia as Prime Minister.

  2. Carson C Cadogan June 17, 2017 at 7:07 am

    How about you all getting Mia to produce her LLB and Law Certificate and making them a document of the House as challenged by the Hon. Dr. Dennis Lowe.

  3. Alex Alleyne June 17, 2017 at 7:29 am

    Are all these people from the same area where the elderly lady house is falling apart , and MIA is large in charge ??????. Sure did not see her in the paper, I saw a Priest.
    Oh, sorry folks, She send he.

  4. The Rock June 17, 2017 at 7:33 am

    How about you getting a life. Mia all the way. Fool.

  5. Jason C. June 17, 2017 at 7:40 am

    MIA 100%

  6. MArk Anthony
    MArk Anthony June 17, 2017 at 7:51 am

    ” It’s all over ” very clever choice of words.

  7. Frank White June 17, 2017 at 8:09 am

    I don’t understand, people need housing, people need food and water, people need jobs to get the housing where they will get food and water and the best thing you Carson cadogan could say is show a certificate… how is that going to help the masses eat?? How is it going to provide housing??…

    This just shows how you would attempt to run a country, by misleading, misdirection, distractions and getting the masses to concentrate on petty nonsense while you sell out the same masses…

    It is obvious that this unofficial pole have you and your colleges ruffled and I overstand that but don’t you think that it would be wise to come to the people with results than to take these idiotic pot shots at Ms. Mottley, who clearly wins by hundreds of votes and from the looks of it, is going to give you, Carson, and the rest of your colleges and run for your money…

    Stop with the same sex marriage nonsense because you can’t eat that, stop with the LLB certificate because you can’t eat that either and stop with the moral nonsense because non of you are in any position to speak on the subject…

    • Carson C Cadogan June 17, 2017 at 10:44 am

      It is clear that we are causing you concern.

      What is the penalty again?
      $5000.oo fine or 12 months in Jail or both? Or something like that?

  8. Kim Marshall June 17, 2017 at 8:20 am

    I am very concerned about the disillusioned persons in the country that say they will not vote. I agree; both the BLP and DLP have made promises and have not followed through and this has led to high degree of apathy and anger I hear in the voices of everyday people whenever I just walk around the country.

    I will admit that I feel the same way but I sat with my family and came to this conclusion: I have to fight for change at the level of Governance if I am to preserve what I have worked hard to EARN in this country.

    I am one of the Barbadians who cannot pack up everything and leave the country. Leave to go where?! I am a Barbadian. I love my country and I will not let a group of people in Parliament (both B and D) lay to waste all the strides we have made as a country by consistently practicing poor fiscal management and say nothing. I also will not tolerate any of them trying to silence or intimidate me when I ask for more information about the plan for the way forward and give ideas about what can be done to get us on a path of growth and that means earning foreign exchange and not simply collecting more and more taxes.

    In a few months these people will start to appear in my neighborhood in colored shirts and with big smiles. They will set up stages and keep bare noise at night. On these stages they will insult each other, tell jokes and talk about everything under the sun other than the many critical issues we face as a country at this time.

    I do not plan to threaten, curse or insult any of them but my family and I do plan to make them understand this household has every intention of asking questions when they come to see us or we come to see them.

    We plan to push heavily for more engagement this election. No longer will we tolerate a dismissive attitude by persons that will be paid by us and provided the opportunity to have a lifestyle that will be better than most of ours if elected due to our votes.

    I plan to use any way I can to let them know that during the next few months, Barbadians must be given multiple opportunities to ask all persons running in the next general elections questions directly and we would like those questions answered….. directly.

    I want to hear actual plans for how earning foreign exchange will be done and how the Auditor General will be given more power to address directly any documented evidence that Government revenue has been wasted, given away or spent inappropriately. It is extremely frustrating to pay taxes, see that money being wasted Government after Government and feel like nothing can be done about it but ask you to pay more taxes.

    The system of Governance we have right now is no longer working and I want that to be admitted and addressed. I want the areas we all know are not working for our country overhauled by working with the people in the country to implement ways to stop the things that are currently preventing the country from growing and being able to do business transparently and quickly.

  9. Maureen Fields
    Maureen Fields June 17, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Don’t mess wid Mia when it comes to the Bush Hall people, they love her!

  10. Namiyah Cozier
    Namiyah Cozier June 17, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Pauline Whitehall

  11. sunshinecanada June 17, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    Carson C, Why r u stressing yourself out, about Mia certificate, please go have a cup of tea, and relax,

  12. greengiant June 17, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Why should people love any politician? Frank White, Carson C Cadogan, particularly. If you have read the response from Kim Marshall, you will notice the concerns that we all should have. The future of this country never was, is not, and never will be about
    B L P or D L P, Mia, Stuart or any other person. No one has a birth right expectation, or ordination to lead this country. Furthermore those coming to the masses promising government jobs, and other assistance previously available based on a representative’s provision will be limited in the future. Our future leaders will have to be extremely selective on who, what, how and where they apply the people’s financial resources less we perish.

    Why should the state be expected to provide jobs, or other forms of social assistance to those who are making absolutely no use of educational opportunities provided to them. They’re three certificated guaranteed by the state once you are born. Birth, Baptism and death. You have to do nothing to attain those, unfortunately it appears that many Barbadians still expect the state has a responsibility to carry more weight.

    The horse is tired, because the jockey is not disciplined. Yes the leaders needs to make prudent decisions, but so does the people. The politicians does what they do the way they do because they know they’re those who are supporters by inheritance. Whatever the Bees, or Dees do they supporters stick with them. This is our problem as a nation.

    We have many people saying even if our youth leave school qualified, they still can’t find jobs, or they earn very little for their degree. Well that’s because we have more graduating students than available jobs. The answer, use the global super hi-way communication to find countries with more jobs than qualified persons to fill them. ” The world is your employer, and the sky is your limit “. That’s the message to be sent to our youth by adults. Students here complain that they can’t afford fees at the U W I, well those who can apply themselves to maintain a 3.0 or above
    G P A can find several global organizations, and countries who will provide them with education financing in exchange for years of service, with rewarding valuable work experience for their future.

    We need to focus on moving away from the welfare state we’ve become over the last three decades or so. This welfare expectation, and lack of encouraged empowerment by our political leaders will drive the Barbados bus further down hill to the detriment of our future generations. Then only the wealthy will be able to afford education, and quality social care. The majority will be lost without hope. This is the road being paved by these two leading parties since the 1990’s.

  13. Carson C Cadogan June 19, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Another day goes by and no producing of the LLB and Law Certificate.

    This makes TWO years and weeks now, how can Bajans trust these people?

  14. Carson C Cadogan June 19, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Kim Marshall

    You forgot this?

    “”Hinkson also charged that at the meeting Payne accused Mottley of stealing party funds.

    “During the meeting personal insults were traded between many of those present. The claimant [Payne], himself, accused Ms. Mottley, who is herself a long standing member of Parliament, a Queen’s Counsel, former Leader of the Opposition and the main contender for re-election as Leader of the Opposition, of criminal conduct.

    “Specifically, he alleged that she had embezzled funds from the BLP during her previous tenure as Leader of the Opposition during the period January, 2008, and October, 2010, and had used these monies for her own purposes and placed them in accounts for her own benefit,” Hinkson said.””

    June 19, 2013


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