Bad grandpa


Bridgetown Magistrate Douglas Frederick today suggested to a 58-year-old that he had a Jekyll and Hyde persona.

This, after he admitted to having illegal drugs in the same house as his grandchildren.

“How could you have drugs in the house, and grandchildren, and say that you have the responsibility of taking them to school every day?” Frederick asked of Rudolph Alphonsa Cadogan after he pleaded guilty in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court to possession, possession with intent to supply and having a trafficable quantity of cannabis.

The drugs were found when police executed a search warrant at his Dukes Alley, Nelson Street, St Michael home earlier today.

Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock said when the officers entered the house, Cadogan reached behind the refrigerator and pulled out a plastic bag, which contained 53 wrappings of the vegetable substance, and handed it over to lawmen.

A further search was conducted in a rear bedroom occupied by Cadogan, and another quantity of the compressed drug was found.

“All of them is mine. I put them there,” he told the police at the time.

Cadogan has previous convictions.

His attorney Mohia Ma’at urged the court today to impose a suspended sentence on his client, whom he said was reaching seniority and had responsibilities although he was retired.

“He has [several] grandchildren, ages two to 12, whom he shepherds to school on a daily basis,” Ma’at said.

That prompted the magistrate to question: “Why keep marijuana with so many children in the house?”

The attorney argued that his client would have taken precautions to ensure that the children would not come into contact with the substance, “just in the same way licensed firearm holders do.”

“He would welcome the imposition of a fine as opposed to a custodial sentence,” Ma’at also said.

“I am warning him that he is running out of paying fines and the next time it may be prison,” the magistrate replied.

It was at that time that Cadogan said he only got the drugs from “a man last night”.

“Looks like you have a Jekyll and Hyde personality,” the magistrate said as he imposed the suspended sentence for a year.

If Cadogan gets himself into trouble during that period, he will spend four months behind bars.

“Believe me, I gonna change my life,” he said as he left the dock.

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  1. Diana Cummins
    Diana Cummins June 16, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Grand pa naughty or nice.


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