No Experience this year

There will be no Experience tent for Crop Over 2017.

Management of the lone gospel calypso tent has sent correspondence to the National Cultural Foundation, explaining why the tent would not be pitching this year.

The letter, which was seen by Bajan Vibes, noted that the tent hoped to be back for Crop Over 2018.

It explained: “As a result, and not yet having that necessary availability for the coordinating and leading of the tent, as is ideally preferred, the decision was made to not have The Experience (With God)
Calypso Tent in 2017.

From left: Members of the Experience Calypso Tent, Jose Trotman, De Salt, Apache, Tent manager Errol Griffth, Susan Griffth, Njeri, and Billboard.

“Not only were we late in our planning, we did not have the full complement of calypsonians for this year for judging in the Pic-O-De- Crop competition. Although we have had a number of people interested to join our ‘family’ this year, we were unable to sufficiently vet each of them adequately in time for registration, far less rehearsals.”

The letter went on: “We are therefore also giving up our judging night of July 9, 2017. It has been an exciting journey for us, seeking to be obedient to God, while also seeking to influence understanding of our purpose by those in “the church”, the Crop Over and calypso community, those outside “the church”, the media,  businesses etc.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed The Experience (With God) of seeking to provide a platform for calypsonians, and MC, to present wholesome messages during and after the Festival, including in Pic-O-De-Crop and Party Monarch/Soca Royale Semifinals and Finals Opportunities.”

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