Impressive performance by juniors

Strong lyrics, timely topics and eager juniors were the defining elements when the Junior Monarch Tent held its first show last Saturday night at the Lester Vaughan School.

The tent is designed to give the chosen semifinalists a chance to hone their skills before they reach the stage for the semifinals. The semifinalists, mixed with seasoned and new performers, presented good music and will likely give the judges a hard time choosing who goes forward to the finals come July 9.

Newcomer Lady Nica was a standout in the 13-18 category with her song Questions for De Minister. Although her many questions weren’t answered, the bold and energetic Queen’s College student pleaded with Minister of Education Ronald Jones to ‘reveal the answers to we’.

Newcomer Lady Nica stamped her authority and is one to
watch for the finals with her song Questions For De Minister.

The crowd loved her and requested an encore, which was not given.

Seasoned performer De Overcomer was also strong and should be heading straight to the finals with his song Save A Child.  The song spoke about the suicides among children in recent times and pleaded with adults and the powers that be to save the children and not to let there be another suicide.

De Overcomer was excellent on the night with his song Save A Child.

Former monarch Quinn P was also in good voice and gave a good rendition of her song Save Barbados. The song is lyrically strong and had a message for authorities, telling them that now is the time to secure this great nation.

Quinn P was on point in her delivery of Save Barbados.

Mr Personality, son of popular entertainer Donella Weekes, is definitely following in his mother’s footsteps. His song, Save It For Me, has nice lyrics and a strong message. He is definitely one to watch for the future.

Another former monarch, Raanan, gave a good performance of his song Who Tekkin De Blame. The ever upbeat Dynamo was also his usually dynamic self with his up-tempo song Potential.

Also performing were Sparkle T, Miracle, Kareesa, Liana, Tinesha and Yahandje. There has been no performance as yet from reigning monarch in the 13-18 category, De MC.

The Mighty Ballerina was
all about Building Character.

In the seven-12 category, those youngsters were just as good and the competition was just as high. The Mighty Ballerina was full of character and gave a good performance of her song Building Character.

Joshua B was also good with his performance of K.A.I.S.O. The crowd especially loved his dance moves.

Browne Star, who is in the competition for the third consecutive year, was also a favourite on the night with his rendition of Don’t Pressure Me. He was addressing parents in the audience and urged them not to pressure their children around the time of the Common Entrance Examination.

Miracle was also good in her rendition of I Now See.

Also performing were De Rock, Kay Starr, A-Glow, Sanshe, Master Kei, Hannah Glow, and Mhizz Kibabba.

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